Weekend Update [V.9]

Why do Monday's come so fast?
& It's the FIRST Monday of March!! 
Any one else feel like this year is just flying by again?
Maybe it's just me but the time is just going... 
This coming weekend our clocks go ahead an hour which means time will go even fast...eeekkkkk 
I better step my game up because that cruise will be here before I know it! 

My weekend was great! It was everything I wanted to do besides I did skip out on the mall which saved my bank account! 

Friday Night:
*It was opening night for Tee-ball for us {Anyone else excited for baseball season to be here?? I know I am!}
*Drive-thur food {I couldn't help but have been dying for some good mexican food}
*& a cold beer on a Friday night [two high fives for whoever knows what song that is? & you already saw the picture if you follow on the insta]
Over all it was very relaxing & exactly what we wanted... 

Heaven on Earth in a bottle
*Woke up early to get my workout on {I was feeling like I needed to make up for Friday night} 
I did my #30dayshred, Tredclimber & Alex & I both did my ripped in 30 dvd! Let me just say, I was DEAD
*Off to our very first Teeball game!! 
{until June my weekends will consist of teeball & lots of teeball} 
*After teeball it was time for a nap
*Off to Aunt P's house for family dinner & some relaxation. 

*was boring as usual

Anyone else use Sunday's as their get everything that you didn't want to do on Friday or Saturday? I know I sure do!!! 

How was your weekend? Anything big happen??

Have a Great Monday!
It's a new week. Time to make positive changes! 


  1. I am SO ready for baseball!
    Nothing real big this weekend - work; deep cleaned the house; a little reading and knitting.

    Have a super Monday!

  2. Jessica I definitely blogged about the same thing today! Too funny! I just love my weekends and wish they were a lot longer than 2 days!

    Teeball? How fun! Cheer loud! :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. too cute! goold ol' valley center little league! hope you guys had fun! i miss being at the fields! can't wait for pro baseball! hope to see you at some games!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend!! Teeball season definitley has beguna, my friends son just started as well, and my speedracer's ol Teeball couch did his annual "Alumini" BBQ - which was really cool cause I got to meet all of Speedracers Old Basball buddies - and of course, I didn't get pictures. BOO! Next Year! :)

    We literally spent all weekend getting ready for Las Vegas, in which we leave TOMORROW!! Lets just say, today is going to be the longest and most worst day EVER - I have no desire to go to school. bwaha.

    Happy Monday!
    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. I could go for one of those cold beers right about now. :)

  6. Those lyrics are from Chicken Fried :)

    & I caught up on Nashville & worked all weekend!