Weekend Update [V.11]

Never seems to fail.. 
Monday you have arrived! 

4 more weekends to survive until we set sail for cruise time! 

How was your weekend?
Hung over from too many green beers?
Not this girl. I am doing the get in shape kick...
More to come on that later! 

My weekend went too fast!! 

I made dinner, sadly I made it so spicy that Alex could barely eat it & I had to drown it in ranch for Eli. oops!! Note to self: Next time do not put so many crushed red peppers 

After dinner we decided why not jump head first into a workout! I got the new Jillian Michaels dvd in the mail. 

I have done 30 day shred & even attempted ripped in 30 {which I am starting hardcore today} & I was NOT a big fan of this one. If you like yoga & kick boxing you might like this. It is not set up either like her other dvds. She does not follow her 3-2-1 plans. 

It was picture day & had a game bright & early. Eli is really liking it I believe. 
Than it was home to do some work & hang out & relax 
I made morning glory muffins {recipe to come this week} & stuff bell peppers
Morning Glory Muffin's 

Stuff Bell Peppers 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 
We slept it for the first time in forever & by sleeping in I mean I was up by 830!! I decided I would make Eli Green Pancakes. He loved them so much!! 

He ate 6 green pancakes! 

Than I did some work & went to sprouts to get ready for the week!! Here's to eating clean & gettin' in shape!!
Summer is almost here

Weekend's go too fast! 
Happy Monday


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I tried the 30 day Shred a few years ago and just couldn't keep with it! Good luck!!

  2. i have fallen victim to too many crushed red peppers far too many times. i like to put them in my pasta! haha. those stuffed bell peppers look SO good! i've been wanting to make some for a while now!

    keep at it with the workouts!

  3. Proud of you for those workouts!! I'm on a Jillian kick right now too. I did the 30 day shred for February and am now tackling the 6 week 6 pack :)
    Hurts so much but am determined to be in good shape this summer :)
    So way to go!!! :)
    Much Love!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend - I am officaly starting my Diet today...Again. After our Vegas Trip, I got all messed up on healthy eating/working out so of course a few pounds came back and I had a meltdown...but they've been slowly going down again and today I am in BEAST mode.