That Time I Wanted A Snow Plow

Happy Friday Eve! 
Its Ok Thursdays

Today I am linking up with Brunch with Amber & A complete waste of Make-up 

It's Okay...

-that my Husband made a pinterest account

-that I want a snowplow on the front of my car to move cars who want to pull out in front of me 

-That today I wish it was Friday so I can sleep to the rain tomorrow

-That I was suckered into Alaskan State Troop show last night for 3 hours 

-That I am now going to be working 8+ hours at the preschool & still running my own business 

-That I have not lost a pound in my weigh loss journey but I still want that jacket from Lululemon 

-That I have to go fight the DMV today... 

-I can't give up Starbucks just yet

-that I feel way behind in bloggyland

-that I want to be a better blogger but I am not sure how when all I do is work {ie. nothing exciting happens in my life}  

-that I want to change my blog name yet again...but what to?

-that I am perfectly fine with spending the weekend at home this weekend

-that I have all these blog ideas than I sit down to write & can't for the life of me think of anything to say 

-that I want a mini iPad- Worth it or not? 

-that it's almost friday & I will be spending my friday working my life away 

-for us San Diego residents to FINALLY get some rain

What is okay this week? 

Be... you


  1. I want a mini iPad too! But I can't decide.. I LOVE sleeping to the rain too :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wait on the upgrades for the iPad Mini... They are making one with a better screen and some cool features. It should be out in the summer.

  3. I went to buy a mini and ended up just getting the ipad 2. I love it but worth it? I guess that depends. It's pretty awesome and lots of fun though!

  4. These are GREAT "ok"s! I want a snow plow too...annoying!

  5. I have a regular size iPad and use it ALL the time!! You definitely need one!

  6. I would get a regular size iPad. I have the iPad 2 that I got for Christmas back in 2011, and use it every single day!

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