Friday Letters {V.9}

Isn't this the truth these days? 

Dear Alex,
This week was rough, but we've made it to the weekend. Let's have a good weekend & even better next week!!! We are 48 days away from this cruise that we are both so excited for and deserve! I love you. 

Dear Eli,
You spent yesterday at home "sick" - I really think you just wanted to stay home & you knew I would let you do whatever because I had things to do. I really hope you do feel better though & that you learned no making noises during class/nap time! I promise one day your going to wish you could have nap time again in your life!! 

Dear Teeball,
It's opening weekend! Enough said. Wait - that means MLB is just around the corner. We just MIGHT have to take Eli to his first REAL game. 

Dear Jillian Michaels,
you seriously almost killed me yesterday. I did your 30 day shred, 13 minutes on the treadclimber & your 30 days ripped. I felt like I was dying, maybe I should of skipped that burger king run to make Eli feel better! I sure hope I can get in shape with all this though! 

Dear Weekend,
I am ready for you. I am ready to sleep, be domesticated & be me again!!!! Let's have fun!!!

Dear March,
Please slow down! January & February just flew by & now you are here!!
Happy Friday!  


  1. Nothing but the truth. I'm almost at the point in my life where I hate emails! lol Jillian Michaels is kick asssss! Maybe I should look into that! Happy Weekend babes ♥

  2. Happy Friday AND March!
    45 days...how exciting.