Friday Letters V. 1 Again

Dear Readers, I am sorry for the lack of posting. I have been super busy since I have returned from my vacation last week. I promise I am working hard to get it all under control and return back to you.

Dear Computer, I am not sure what you're issue is as I am not a tech savy person but this whole not being able to comment on blogs and other issues I am having, I am over it. I am not sure what to do! Anyone wanna help me? 

Dear Hubby, I am extremely proud of you and couldn't be more thankful for everything you do for me. You are such a blessing to me and I love you more!! 

Dear Workouts, I think we've finally developed a relationship. I am excited to see how much changes in the next few months. I am currently doing a 100 day challenge and I can say I am being successful with it! 

Dear Work, I promise I am going to get control of you and figure out a real schedule for you. This whole lots of piles and no idea where to start, well that is going to change! 

Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by and always reading. I write back to email (if you are not a no reply commenter) but I promise I am trying to figure my computer to be able to comment back on blogs. Maybe I can just get a new computer. We can dream right? 

Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend! I am excited San Diego is expect to get some rain again! 


Hello March - I have BIG plans for you!

Can we take a moment to realize we are in March now? This year is just flying by but I am perfectly okay with that. 

March ❥:

Looking back at February, I am so glad I kept my goals simple. 

  • Make sure to put Christmas Decor away
  • Continue Meal Planning
  • Write two blog post a week
  • Spend as much time with Hubby as possible
I would say 3/4 was a success. I did not write my blog post as it was a crazy month and as usual blogging got kicked to the curb. 

Now that we are in March, I have different plans. 

I want to get back into blogging more frequently (just not sure exactly about what yet) - I want to share my fitness journey with all of you - also I have all this extra free time now that it's just me. 

March Goals

  • Clean the cabinet (that one dreaded cabinet) out in the Kitchen
  • Start/Read See Me by Nicholas Sparks
  • Go Through the Papers on my Desk 
  • Share my Fitness journey/Goals 
  • Deep Clean two rooms in the house
Nothing too crazy as usual just trying to adjust back to life. 

What are your goals for March?