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Dreaming Big

We are back at it.. Fitness topics
This seems to the be the NEVER ending topic.. 
I am now 49 days away until we set sail for some fun but until than I have 49 days of HARD WORK

If you all followed along in my journey, You would know that I began 30 day shred again 

I printed a fun calendar to help me keep track what day I am on  & take measurements. 
I also invested in a heart rate monitor which I would suggest EVERYONE do! It gives you the encouragement to keep fighting. To burn just one extra calorie than you did the day before! 

Here's an update:
I have lost 0 lbs!
YES you read that correctly. I have lost NO weight! 
So you ask why am I updating you? Because while I have lost NO weight, I have lost over 7 inches in total and I am not even close to being finished. So therefore 
I am turning my FAT into muscle!  
I just crossed off day 10..even though i was suppose to wait to move to level 2 on this day, I decided to move up early for a few reasons.

-I was doing the shred before I started to keep track so I think my body became accustom to it so I needed to change it up! 
-I wasn't feeling the burn anymore. I wanted something a bit more challenging and I remembered last summer when I did the shred level 2 was intense {i quit after day 1} 
-Now I will do this for the next 10 days or until I feel I am ready again to move to level 3 because there are ALOT of planks in this level.  

Side note: I have not been doing this EVERY day as I have taken the last two weekends off due to other functions. Life happens & there is NOTHING we can do about it besides adapt. While yes I also didn't calorie count during the weekend (my mistake) With all that, I have managed to fit back into my jeans! 

Now that I fit back into my jeans I can focus on the weight loss. I want to lose 15 lbs in the next 49 days.. 
Is this possible? We will see. 
I shall dream big to at least land among the stars

Dream Big! 

Hopefully in the next 49 days..

-Lose 15 lbs
-Fit back into clothes I don't fit into now
-feel better about myself
-finish 30 day shred & start 30 day ripped 


Happy Birthday To The Best Mommy!

Happy Birthday To The Best Mommy!! 
I hope you had a great day and got everything you wanted. You deserve it all and some! I wish we lived closer together so I could spend the day with you but I know we will make up for it soon! I love you. 
{ps. Happy 15th Anniversary} 

Dear Mom, 
If I could give you the BEST MOMMY OF THE YEAR AWARD, You would have it hands down. No other mommies compare to you. Also, if there is anything I learned from planning my wedding, is it how much a little girl needs her mom around for the little things & you were there even living so far away. A girl needs her mom there for all the Sunday fun day activities and everything else in life. I miss you more and more each day and I learn more and more how much you truly have been there for me even when I think you weren't. You are always a phone call away and now you even text! :) I can't say thank you enough for everything you have done for me but THANK YOU! I pray that you have another wonderful year of life and God continues to bless you because you deserve it! You are the most caring and giving person I know and I admire that about you! I love you. I can't wait to see you soon! 


Weekend Update [V.8] - Don't Want To Miss This

Why do Monday's come so fast?
I am truly already looking forward to Friday..
I need a weekend to relax & sleep.. This past weekend was ONE very BUSY BUSY one for this girl! 

-Got my nails redone since I broke two 
I am loving the HOT pink color. 
-got ready for a very beautiful Wedding
Anyone Atlanta Falcons fans? Sorry #67 Gallarda is officially off the market!! Well let the pictures talk
Alex & I outside the Church 
Look how handsome he looks... I guess this is what happens when you wait 2 hours to go shopping before leaving

My Brother's Gf Tricia & I

Alex & I 

A little bit of the fun! 

The Bride, Tricia & I 

All of us again! (look how gross that arm looks) Weight loss needs to happen ASAP 

My brother actually danced! 
Over all the wedding was a blast.
Drew Davis is an extreme sweetheart 
& So excited for Carlyn to marry her Best friend!! May God continue to bless them both! & Looking forward to watching Tommy play again this year! & maybe a Baby Gallarda? 

- Did errands {included getting a passport for Alex to go on our cruise in 52 days!}
-Teeball {Opening weekend this coming weekend so I will take pictures} 
-afternoon nap
- Double Duces 
We let tricia experience downtown for the first time ever! She had a blast!! Next time she comes down we are going to let her experience Old Town! 

Insta photo! 

Emily & I

My lover Stef 

All 4 of us girls! {really need to get on the workout} 

-Went to my aunts
-Took my brother & Tricia to the airport
-Afternoon nap 
-Got ready for a VERY busy week!! 

How was your weekend?
Hope it was fun!!! 

Have a great Monday! 
Is that even possible?


Friday Letters {V.8}

Today is Friday...
As it was a 4 day week, it felt extra long for some reason


Dear Friday,
Thank you for finally showing up. I was starting to wonder where you were & what was taking you so long! I cant wait to have fun today!! 

Dear Alex,
I cant wait to spend the weekend together. It is very much needed and I love you.
Dear Dude & Tricia,
I am so excited my brother & his gf flew into town for this weekend for the first time since my wedding in October! I can't wait to spend the weekend together! 

Dear Wedding,
I know you are going to be beautiful I just hope I dress correctly. I know you are one of those fancy weddings but so excited to experience you!! 

Dear Mom & Dad #2,
Happy Anniversary! I can't believe 14 years ago today I was standing up there as you both vowed to love each other forever! I hope you enjoy your day 

Dear Nails,
I am excited to get you redone today & fixed. You need some help!

Dear 30 day shred,
Jillian you are NOT messing around on level #2. I am dying doing all these planks. Please pay off soon!!! I want my sexy body back!!! 

Dear Bloggers,
Thank you as always. You truly are amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Easiest Birthday Cake Ever

Or any cake for that matter..& its more of a pie than a cake.. oops

Let me first just take a moment to say THANK YOU all for the sweet comments on yesterday's post about why I blog and my fears. It truly made me realize that I am not the only one who goes through these stages and we are all in this together..

Moving On..  

originally pined here 

When I first saw this I knew I had to make it... 
They made it sound so easy.. 
5 ingredients 

Good thing Alex's birthday was coming up{wrote this a few weeks ago}, from the moment I saw it I knew I was going to make it as his birthday cake & I did just that! 

What you'll need 
  • Any type of crust you wish [I used a graham cracker one but the recipe calls for a chocolate cookie crust] 
  • Large box of instant chocolate pudding [the biggest box you can find - I used sugar free & fat free] 
  • 1 1/2 cups of milk 
  • 1 8oz tub of cool whip 
  • Reese's cups {because its Valentine's day right around the corner - I used 2 bags of the heart shape ones} 
  • One large Mixing Bowl 
  • Whisk 

This has to be the easiest cake/pie to make
In the large bowl, mix {I whisked it} the instant chocolate pudding with the milk
Once mixed thoroughly that there is no more powder, whisk in cool whip until there is no more white showing. Cut up as many reeses as you wish {I used a bag & half in our food processor} and whisk them in. I picked out the heart shapes that didn't get cut up & set aside. Once I was happy with it all I scooped it all into the pie crust and placed the hearts on top with a few extra crumbs. Placed in the fridge until it was ready to eat {at least 15 minutes if not longer}

Super easy, tasteful & just so yummy!  

Happy Friday Eve! 


Confession..Why I blog

If you have not heard of Becky who writes From Mrs. To Mama you need to check her out..She is doing this awesome link up for women to connect {it opened Monday}.. connect on why we write .. sounds easy? Just write your feelings out & post & link up.. 
well so I thought easy.. 

As I was working on my catch up day & reading through blogs as usual, her post got my brain thinking..more than usual..I started to think what I was writing for? What I was doing in this blogland? What were all my intentions of just writing? Why I keep writing? 

I opened up a blank new post & nothing came to me.. I stared at a blank screen for awhile thinking WHY?

After all I have no crazy stories, I am struggling every day with weight loss and self image, I am trying to raise a 5 year old little boy as best as possible, recently married yet haven't recapped the wedding yet {It's been 4 months}, working on my marriage every single day, I have all these ideas of what to blog about yet I hardly get around to it because I am super busy with life & I enjoy my sleep. Matter of fact, I am truly not even that crafty or anything. I doidolize so many other bigger bloggers & think why can't I write like that.. 

Than it hit me like an train at high speed.. 

I write this blog for ME

No I don't have 120873495 followers, while yes I would love a ton of followers but I would rather a few who truly follow along in my journey. No I don't get comments on all my post even though when I do I try to respond. No I don't get to do product reviews from top name companies as much as I would love to do some, No I don't even really do giveaways because that's not what my life is about even though I love helping others, I don't even write in correct English because that is just how I am! 

I remember when I started this blog in October 2011, I told myself I wanted to remember my steps of planning my wedding & blogging just seemed the natural way to do that. I could always come back to it to reflect. I was finishing my last semester of college & I remember thinking this is going to take so much of my time that I should be using to focus on school. I took it one day at a time, little by little. And Soon that changed into more than just wedding blogging, but personal life, graduating college, extending the family, and so much more. I have shaped this blog into something that I can reflect on and cherish those memories. 

While, Yes I would love to be that funny, smart, witted, awesome blogger than so many of you will want to read EVERY day & look forward to new post, but at the end of the day that just isn't me. I am writing this journey for myself and just hoping & praying that you all follow along in it. That somewhere I can connect with a woman & we can have those blog bff moments & support each other through anything & just possible our husbands & children will be friends as well. I write because sometimes I need your encouragement to keep moving forward {such as weight loss} Sometimes I just need a simple hello to know that some one out there is reading & caring.. I write for one day maybe someone will read my story & know they can make it through whatever they are facing as well. 

I write for myself 

Now that I have faced my fear and I have let it all out, I am going to keep doing what I do. I am going to keep writing for myself and my life. I am going to write from my heart. I am going to keep putting myself out there for if I touch one person's life than I did something big in this world! 

Happy Wednesday


Weekend Update [V.7]

It's Tuesday already....
Who got a 3 day weekend & took full advantage of it?
I know I DID!!! 
If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen most of this..

Let me back up to Thursday..

The LOVE day
It was a good day overall
I spent most of the day working as many of us did but Alex did not disappoint with the flowers & chocolates 
{even though its not good for my girly figure I am trying to obtain}

-spent the day working
-got an amazing workout in I am LOVING this new work out 
& not to mention the new Tim McGraw cd is probably his best cd yet .. I am in LOVE! 

-celebrated a friends birthday at E-Bar
the BEST Mai Tai's ever! 

#WhatIWore & Junior photobombing 

-Spent the day being lazy 
-Took Eli to baseball & somehow I became Team Mom

-Couples Massage

-Met up with some friends for Pizza & Beer 
-Went to the comedy Club in San Diego

-Spent the day getting ready for the week 
-Doing homework

Hope you all had a wonderful Weekend as well. 
Yay for 4 day weeks!!!
 {Well really 3 for me since my brother is flying into town Thursday night}


Short & Sweet

As I have today off of work (Hoping many of you do as well) 
I am taking today to catch up on somethings at home.

Happy Monday.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 


Friday Letters {V.7}

i LOVE this picture.

Dear Alex,
I am so thankful this week is over & we can have a nice relaxing weekend. Maybe if we don't make a drive up to the mountains, maybe we can go to bass pro shop to get your backpack.. Maybe? but massages are happening! I love you. 
Guess what? We survived our FIRST valentine's day married! 

 Dear Weekend,
 I am so excited for you!! I just made appointments for couple massage which is well overdue!! I hope to accomplish many things that need to be done before Monday, including homework! 

Dear weight loss,
I am a bit disappointed because I have been working so hard the last few weeks to see the scale move downward but no such thing. I am hovering right around the end of the 130's but I would love to be back in the 120's PLEASE help me with this!!  I want to lose 20 lbs before our cruise. 

Dear Honeymoon Cruise,
You are 61 days away! I believe I can make it through this until we meet. This will be our FIRST time cursing so please be memorable in a good way! I can't wait to lay out on the deck in a swimsuit & drinks in hand!! 

Dear Self,
Stop beating yourself up over things. It will happen just believe in yourself. Relax & keep doing what you are doing, your amazing at it!!! Remember hard work pays off! 

Dear Work,
I really wish I didn't have so much of you to do! I just want to shop & I can't because I told myself I would pay things off before I shopped & wear all the clothes in the closet with tags still on it! I just wish you did yourself so I wouldn't be so stressed & wouldn't work weekends.

Dear kiddos at Preschool,
The more I see you kids & the more you all hug me & love on me the more I love you all! I can't believe I can honestly say I am a preschool teacher now. I never thought I would say that. I hope I can touch your life in a positive way to prepare you for this world! 

Dear Hello,
I really want a gray or red sweatshirt. If you magically find your way into my home I wouldn't be disappointed! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comments on this post! It truly is heart warming knowing so many of you support me in this new journey I am trying to over come. I love all your comments & try my best to write back!! Please check to make sure you are not a no-reply blogger - sometimes if you are I will let you know through twitter or your own blog! Thank you again in all your support & love!!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

ps. Congratulations to Ashley on their new bundle of joy

This weeks post:
Guess Whose Back At It? - Journey of weight loss


Are We Really Meant For Each Other?

So old but such a goodie..
I am so bummed Trigger chewed this sweatshirt ..

anyway back to the post

In honor of Valentine's day 
I am linking up with Melissa over at The Life of a Not so Ordinary wife for this awesome "How well does your spouse know you?" 

Let me preface this & say that I am NOT a huge v-day fan because I believe that you should show your love ALL year long not just on ONE day... but don't get me wrong, I LOVE presents :) 

back to the questions:
I emailed the questions to Alex on Tuesday {February 12} while he was at work so he could answer them & I wasn't there to let him cheat! 

His Answers
Her Answers

How long have you been married?  
 123 days
It was 4 months yesterday :) 
At least he remembers the day we got married

Where was your first date?  

June 6,2010 {Tim McGraw Concert}
He's a year behind but I guess this could be a good thing, he thinks we are together than we actually are.. trying to be positive

Where was your first kiss?    

May 2010
Once again, a year behind 

Who first said, "I love you"?    

 I did
He did.
Laying on that green leather couch.. if that couch could talk

What were your wedding colors?   
 purple red black silver
Purple Red Black & Silver/white
I sure hope he would remember this after all it was his favorite colors & I mixed in some others. 

What is her most commonly used phrase?  

I am not totally sure what is my most used phrase but I am going to guess IDK just because that's always what I resort too. 

Who is her celebrity crush?    

the whole cast of magic mike
Channing is pretty good looking but I can't say I have a celebrity crush. Any good looking man :) 
What girl doesn't love this movie? {ps. I haven't seen it yet}

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
Depends on if we are drinking alcohol she would order me a captain and coke and her a Mai tai if they made good ones if we are not drinking its water (she secretly loves dr. pepper)
For him: Coke & Rum & Me it just depends my go to drinks are mai tais & margaritas & Majitos. Otherwise, we both always drink water(Gotta get our 64oz in)
He knows me pretty well! 

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?  

hands down buffalo mac and cheese
I am not sure. I like to cook & bake 
He just loves mac & Cheese so that usually is always a win

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?   
no comment
No idea.
Now I'm curious to see what meal he hated the most. 

What is the most-played song on her iPod?   

   wanted our wedding song
Probably better dig two - Band Perry or anything country
He thinks I just drive around listening to our wedding song.. he's a funny one

What would she say is your most annoying habit? 
 there is to many to mention
Leaving his stuff EVERYWHERE. I am NOT his maid.
He should of known this one, I am always complaining about it

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?  brushes her teeth loves  & on all the dogs

brush my teeth. 

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be? 
 purple dress
Maybe some leggings
I think he secertly hates my purple dress because I wore it for my 21st birthday

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
 her nose and how smart she is
I have no idea. It def. would not be how much I complain
Isn't he just the sweetest! 

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks?  

these questions are rig
Iced skinny Carmel macchiato upside down
haha I'll give him this one, I do change it up sometimes but when in doubt just get the car. Mac! 

What's her blog's name?!      

it should be demostcated house wife but

i think it is changed to living my fairytale

Currently it is Little Country Girl 
Thinking of changing it for a final time to 
or something along those lines...

I couldn't be more blessed with an amazing man in my life. My husband.
I love you Alex