Weekend Update [V.6]

It's Valentine's day week!! 
Do you have special plans for Valentine's day? 
Is it me or is 2013 flying by too fast?
I can't believe we will be half way though February by this coming weekend! 

My weekend was so much fun & was needed even though it didn't go as planned completely. 

It was Alex's 23rd Birthday & luck was on my side because I did NOT have to work at the preschool but I did have other work that needed to be done. I spent the morning shopping since I did NOT get Alex's present ahead of time. Than once I was home it was game on to finish everything up before he got home. 

Friday night was spent with some friends making Spicy Mac & Cheese {recipe to come} & the best & easiest birthday cake possible & Sangria! 

simply delicious 

Alex had to go into work when I originally planned for a couples massage. I was very disappointed that we would not be able to get those, but maybe this coming weekend I can plan them again. I cleaned up from the night before & got ready for one of my good friend's wedding! 

Beautiful day in San Diego perfect for a wedding

Beer Thirty time! 

Jules & I at the wedding

Congrats Aubs & Chris - this is the beginning of your forever! 

Nice relaxing day at home doing laundry & watching tv. 
It's so chilly out to leave the house & get dressed. 
I know we are bums! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
I sure did! 


  1. You're such a cute blogger.. and such a beautiful couple :) Thanks for sharing your life I've loved reading about it! :)