Weekend Update [V.5]

We meet yet again Monday.. 

This week is going to be another long one as I am settling into working 5 days a week at the preschool & it's the Hubby's Birthday on Friday.. WHOOT WHOOT!!! 

He's an old man! 
I am so ready for the weekend already,
anyone else with me on this?

But before I tell you what this weekend is going to look like for us, I shall let you look at my past weekend! It was amazing. 

I wasn't home from the preschool until 6pm and let me tell you 10 hours at a preschool will drive anyone nuts! I got home and just wanted to sleep. It wasn't until about 715 I realized Eli hadn't eaten dinner yet even though he wasn't asking for food. Once we all ate we decided on a family movie night.. 

It is very cute. I would say anyone with kids should have a fun family night & watch it. Eli loved it, and loved it so much he asked me to take it to school so he can watch it next time it rains in his class if it's okay with his teacher! 
A nice relaxing Friday night! 

We woke up & made breakfast! I love Saturday morning breakfast! a hot breakfast is the best way to start the day! We got polar FT7 heart rate monitors too the other day & decided to open it & set it up {I will do a full review later this week or next} Let me just say, it says that I burned 224 calories doing level 1 of the 30 day shred! I sure hope that is correct because I am using my fitness pal app to track everything! If you are on fitness pal find me - user name: jksieberg ! Let's be friends!! 

After our workout - I decided I really should get my nail fixed since it was hurting so bad since i broke it a few days ago. If you follow me on insta you already saw the pictures of my new blue zebra nails! I am in love!!! 

Alex & I did some errands than & came home to cook dinner. We are trying to eat clean and lose some weight since we are 73 days away from our honeymoon cruise & I found a pair of jeans that I want to fit into before.. so we went with Pizza Burgers! It was so good! Alex already asked for me to make them again!!! 

I spent the morning making skinny chicken bites  & rest of the day with the family at my aunt's house for the day!

Happy Monday!!
I am ready for the weekend again! 


  1. You guys are adorable and I love your nails! :) Going to get mine re-done again next week! Really want a fun color like yours!