Happy Fall Y'all!

It's my favorite time of year... Fall is here! Than again, I live in San Diego.. we don't get fall season! 

Happy Fall y'all! Enjoy the cooler weather, leaves changing colors and all the pumpkin flavored stuff for me! 


A Quick Hello

Dear Friday, I am so happy you are here even though this is the first Friday where I am changing things up. Come 2' o clock now I will be off work and heading to the gym. Let's do this!! Dear Alex, I am so proud of you. You are truly my own personal hero and I can't wait to see your face. I can't wait for us to go to the gym together, I know it's been your dream for a long time. Dear Workout, I frickin' love you now. I do miss my running of 2-3 miles a day but I might be able to squeeze that in still. Let this new life start! Dear food, now that I have this workout thing under control can't wait to get you under control. It has been a long time coming and I am finally understanding it. Dear People, I was going to write a whole post on the matter and I still might but can we move past the AP incident? I understand what he did was wrong, but why are we going to punish him instead of helping him? Dear apple, Why do you put out upgrades when people don't have the memory for it? I can honestly say, I am not excited about the iphone 6. I will gladly keep my 5. Dear Work, Can we please get along today? Dear Stress, we are going to work together to get through this. I am going to start to journal and try to clean up my life. Dear Readers, Thank you so much! I know these parts of the world lately have been kinda lame but to be honest, not much has been going on. Work, workout, eat, shower sleep and repeat for the next day. 

Have a great Friday and even better weekend! 


Weekend Bliss

Hello Tuesday... This weekend has come and gone yet again. Yesterday changed my life for the better but I can't tell you what just yet... hang in there though eventually I will. 

If you haven't heard San Diego is in the biggest drought of it's life. This weekend was beyond crazy and no different. My house it was 103 - 106 degrees during the day and 70-75 at night. I am not a fan of this weather at all. It makes it impossible to sleep. It makes people grumpy. I am so ready for some boots, jeans and long sleeves.  

Back to my weekend, Friday I went with a friend to her trainer who she lost 40 lbs over the last few months so I was inspired by her. I am still sore and it's been 3 days. Can you say it was an amazing upper body workout? This workout was exactly what I needed to relight the fire inside of me to get my butt into gear. So here I go, I am going to learn to lift properly. Any tips or tricks? I do have a trainer though so it is going to make it nice to have an accountability person and someone there to cheer me on. Here is to becoming who I want to be. Chasing my dreams!  

When I got home Friday after my workout my journal from Emily Ley came. I am so excited for it. I told myself that I wanted to write in a journal for at least a month to see what it does to my stress levels. Anyone else do this?

Saturday it was off to the boat races to try to escape the heat and hang out with family. 

I couldn't go to the beach and not snap a picture. San Diego has the best sunsets by far!  

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday but we went down much earlier. Overall, the weekend was good and relaxing. I am counting down now until I leave for my cruise. 4 more weekends to survive before I head off to my favorite place in the world. 

How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

Dear Life, You are crazy these days. I am still swimming and keeping my head afloat but I would love for it just chill out for a bit. Dear workouts, I think I burned myself out on some of them. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT quitting I am just going to take a different route. I can't wait to begin this new journey. Dear Alex, I love you. Thank you for being my hero each and every day! Dear Work, You are part of this stress. I am hoping to catch up on you today. Please just do yourself. Dear Cy, We really need to figure out a schedule of our life. This whole just waking up and taking it day by day is obviously not working too well for us. Dear Weekend & heat, I am over the heat but I am so excited for the weekend. I am ready to have some fun! Dear Cali, You are such a houdini. I am not sure how you broke out of your crate even when you are locked into it. Maybe it's time we no longer use the crate. I just wish we could trust you won't chew anything up.  Dear Readers, Thank you for your sweet comments. I am hoping to plan some more post a bit better so I am not missing days, but I know you all know how that works sometimes. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Embrace The Change

Well hello September 10...When did you get here so fast?
The last nine months have just flown by, I swear just yesterday we were celebrating the end of 2013 and beginning 2014. Now here I am trying to navigate my way through the last few months of 2014.

I feel as if I am barely keeping my head afloat. I am drowning in all things around me. Life just keeps throwing me curve ball after ball but I must count my blessings that I am still able to swing at those curve balls, right?   

This month is also the month of many changes in my life that I am not sure how things will play out. I am just going to take it day by day and watch where life takes me. 

With all that said, I am going to set a few goals to hopefully help me in this struggle of life. 

* Drink 100oz of water each day 
* No Starbucks 
* Wear fit bit each day to count steps 
* Workout at least 3x a week 
* Blog at least 3 x a week 
* Write in my journal about 5 things I am thankful for each day 
* Sleep 8 hours a night 
* Stop stressing over the things I can not change 
* Change eating habits 
* Do something fun for myself 
* Catch up on all my work and clean my desk 

Bring it on September, by the end of the month I want to say yes I achieved all of this.

What are your goals for September?


A Too Fast Of A Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone... It was very relaxing and enjoyable. 

We spent one day at the beach with the fur babies. 

I really wish I could let Cali off the leash and trust her to not eat another dog and not run away.

She was okay with the waves.. maybe next time I will wear a swimsuit and it will be much better. Also, because I have a picture like this framed with almost all my dogs.. I had to include her.

Alex had to have one with trigger

Saturday was Blake Shelton concert & this is the ONLY picture I have. Let's just say I was home and in bed by 10:30pm 

My favorite Kay

How was your weekend?


Quick Little Notes

I am going to take it back a few... and welcome back Friday Letters this week.

Dear Hubby, I love you. I am so proud of you and what are you going to accomplish. I know it might seem crazy now but eventually it will just be another day in the office for you. Embrace it! Dear Sister, You made it through your first week of work. Congrats. We get to celebrate by getting our nails done this weekend. Dear Blake Shelton, I hope your concert is as amazing as everyone says. Dear Self, This new adventure you are about to embark on will be the best decision of your life. Just DON'T GIVE UP THIS TIME! In 29 days you will be 25 and wishing you started now, so instead of wanting to do it, just do it! Dear Weekend, Please go slowly, I am not ready to say goodbye just yet. Dear Power outage, Thank you for planning this. I was wanting today off anyways. Sounds like a perfect dog beach day and a random lunch date with the hubby! Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments. I am glad to be back to blogging. I am hoping I can keep it up this month. 

Have a great weekend! 


What Makes You Happy?

What makes me happy??.. I feel like there is so much that this list would be forever long. Here is a list of a the first few things that popped into my mind when I saw Kay's post about this yesterday. Thanks for letting me steal you post idea without even knowing.

What Makes Me Happy?  

* All my animals make me happy. These two are the best friends and as much as they drive me nuts, life wouldn't be complete without them together. 

*I love finding Trigger sleeping in random spots in the house. He tries to hide from Cali to sleep. 

*School supplies, sticky notes and pens to be exact. I can never have enough

*A rainy day  staying cuddle up at home 

*Hot cup of coffee in the morning 

*A full night of sleep

*These two, as much as Alex didn't want me to keep her now he can't help but love her! 

* Vacations to my favorite place Grand Turk

*The ability to pay all my bills on time and not stress about it.

 *My sister living with me 

*Working out  (I can't wait to get back into the gym to run)

*Ice cold beer

*Save the best for last, this guy! I know we fight but what couple doesn't but I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is so hard working and willing to provide for his family. The way he makes me laugh over something so small and the way he lets me curl up in his arms each night. Not to forget, the way he pushes me to chase my dreams. It's his turn now to chase his dreams and I will be there every step of the way! 

What makes you happy?


Adventure To The Safari Park

Over the weekend we decided to go to the San Diego Safari park as if I don't live with a zoo. It was a lot of fun but extremely hot. The only downside to this, the park is really small. Alex and I covered the entire thing under 5 hours that included eating lunch. 

Warning: Picture Overload! 

my face looks extremely round :(

How do I own one of these kitties? She was absolutely beautiful! 

Than we found the Tiger trail that has been the talk of San Diego for months. I was extremely disappointed in it. I must of had my standards a bit too high. 

We did go into the goat petting place. I was not a fan, I am always scared they will kick me or try to head butt me. 

My favorite part of the entire day and I probably could of sat here the entire day and been just fine. The gorillas. There was a mom and her baby. We watched feeding time. 

This guy sits against the wall around 12pm sharp every day waiting for the trainers to come over the top to drop him tomatoes before she asks all the gorillas to take their place for feeding. It was amazing to watch.

Feeding time

After the Gorillas we walked around some more and found an Owl. These birds are so beautiful and amazing. 

Picture time

After the Gorillas, my next favorite would be the Lemurs even though they were sleeping. They let you walk through their exhibit. I just wan't to hold one but they wouldn't let me. 

After being disappointed on not holding a lemur, we made our way through Africa. It was so hot and I was so ready for this 30 minute little tram ride. Note to self, bring your big water bottle next time! 

My favorite Zebra

That was our adventure this weekend to the Safari park. I can't wait to go back! 

What is your favorite animal?