Adventure To The Safari Park

Over the weekend we decided to go to the San Diego Safari park as if I don't live with a zoo. It was a lot of fun but extremely hot. The only downside to this, the park is really small. Alex and I covered the entire thing under 5 hours that included eating lunch. 

Warning: Picture Overload! 

my face looks extremely round :(

How do I own one of these kitties? She was absolutely beautiful! 

Than we found the Tiger trail that has been the talk of San Diego for months. I was extremely disappointed in it. I must of had my standards a bit too high. 

We did go into the goat petting place. I was not a fan, I am always scared they will kick me or try to head butt me. 

My favorite part of the entire day and I probably could of sat here the entire day and been just fine. The gorillas. There was a mom and her baby. We watched feeding time. 

This guy sits against the wall around 12pm sharp every day waiting for the trainers to come over the top to drop him tomatoes before she asks all the gorillas to take their place for feeding. It was amazing to watch.

Feeding time

After the Gorillas we walked around some more and found an Owl. These birds are so beautiful and amazing. 

Picture time

After the Gorillas, my next favorite would be the Lemurs even though they were sleeping. They let you walk through their exhibit. I just wan't to hold one but they wouldn't let me. 

After being disappointed on not holding a lemur, we made our way through Africa. It was so hot and I was so ready for this 30 minute little tram ride. Note to self, bring your big water bottle next time! 

My favorite Zebra

That was our adventure this weekend to the Safari park. I can't wait to go back! 

What is your favorite animal?

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