What A Beautiful Weekend

Well Hello September... Glad to see you made it! It's a new month which means lots of changes are in store.  This weekend was exactly what I needed before I made a big jump into something new and exciting.  

Friday we went to the Safari park. Just the hubby and I and we loved it. It was Africa hot out and I never realized how small the park truly is. I did see the new tiger walk which was okay, nothing to brag about but the gorillas and the lemurs were my favorite! (I will do a whole post of all the animals we saw)

After the park we had a whole day planned. I wanted to go see If I Stay. Hubby was all for it until he decided he wanted to go to the Cinepolis to see it because it was two hours long. A girl can't complain about that right? So drinks before the movie 

After the movie, Kay said we were so close we should stop by. This lead to us staying at their house and than heading to the bars. It was a great Friday night with some amazing friends.

Saturday had my bootcamp class in the morning than it was off to my aunts for dinner and pool time.

Sunday we slept in. We went to breakfast at Ihop. I honestly have no idea why we keep going back because we all hate it when we leave. So no more iHop. After breakfast, we napped than it was time for family pictures with my favorite Hey Jessie Photographer. Now that I did pictures this early, maybe I can actually get my Christmas cards done.

Monday we had barre class at 9am. It started a new month with amazing goals and dreams. Let's do this September! 

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How was your weekend?

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