I Would Never

I was going to do a So What Wednesday post but just wasn't feeling it, but that's okay because I thought it would be perfect to copy my friend Tiffany over at Simply Tiki for a post she named, I Would NeverWithout any further waiting.. I bring you mine,

 I Would Never

-Drive a mini van [this was on Tiffany's list too]. There is just something about that sliding door that gives me the hibby jibbies. There is not enough kids in the world for me to drive one or any other reason to own it. We did manage to buy an Acadia though as my mom car. 

-Not have animals in my house. I love all my animals. Everyone says it's like a zoo but it just wouldn't be my home without all of them. 

-Get married again. Sounds crazy right? But I am serious if for some forsaken reason Alex & I don't work out [which i am hoping we do] I would never get married again. No worries, Alex & I are still happily married. 

-Live any where there is snow. Pass on that shoveling thing and having to worry about my car. Also, that black ice idea just scares me.  

-Speaking of snow, let's cross off anywhere there is tornadoes I won't be living either. I will stick to my earthquakes which are over in a blink of an eye.

-Go back to high school. I hated high school. End of story. 

Last, same with Tiffany's, I would Never Smoke. The smell gets to me and the idea of it just jerks me the wrong way. Plus all the money I would be wasting on that instead of shopping. 

What is something you would never do?


A Late Weekend Recap: Adjustment || Shopping || Grooming

Let me first say how this weekend stuff is starting to become regular post on Tuesdays. Does that say anything about how crazy my weekends are? I honestly have no idea with what though. 

Friday: I spent a few hours working. Than my sister & I both had chiropractor appointments. Let me just say I am not as jacked up as I thought I was. I did get my adjustment on though and the massage chair is heavenly. 

After the appointment, we decided to hit up ikea. She was in need of a desk for her room. Also, who doesn't love ikea? My only advice, don't do legs on Thursday expecting to walk all the stairs without waddling. It was pretty funny though to watch us. After Ikea, we managed to make it over to costco (across the parking lot) & I picked up a new fitbit since mine officially has disappeared. Let's hope fitbit #2 stays around for a bit. Than it was home & hanging out with the boys. 

Saturday: We went shopping down at the outlets again. Hubby wanted to get out of the house and we wanted to do a double date type thing with sister and her boyfriend. The under armour outlet is super dangerous. I always try to make it one of my last stops though because that's where I spend most of the money. After shopping, we came home. Took naps than Sister & I went to see "The Other Woman"

My dad says "there's no dress code for the movies" so sister took full advantage of that and went in sweats and her slippers. The movie itself was amazing. I loved every bit of it. I love the story line of friendships and made me thankful not only for an amazing husband who would NEVER do that to me but also for the friendships I do have. I would say everyone should go see it. After the movies, we sneaked over to Cold Stone for some ice cream, than it was home to find the boys watching basketball. 

Sunday: We woke up semi early to get ready. We made an appointment for the grizzly bear to finally get groomed for the first time ever. The same lady who did Cali did him too. She had to give him two baths because apparently he was so dirty. Now that he is super clean, I just want to cuddle him! 

Since it was a 4 hour wait for him. We went to Starbucks, car wash, Costco and spent too much money on who knows what, target for some randomness, and Petco. Cali got a new toy of course and she has it destroyed already. Once we were home, it was time to get ready for the week. Not only is it the end of the month for me, so work is super nuts but I also am picking up a few more hours at the preschool. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week
We are expecting Santa Anna's this week which means super hot weather starting already. Who needs spring when you can go straight to summer right? 


Thank Goodness For The Weekends

Happy Friday Ya'll!!! This has been one jammed pack week (not like the other weeks aren't). I feel like I do the same thing week after week. Work work work, gym, survive & sleep. Anyone else feel like this?

On a side note: Welcome to all my new readers from the giveaway I was apart of! I hope you enjoy the blog! Feel free to leave comments & or swap buttons with me. I try to answer all comments back within a timely manner.   

Back to my exciting week ...

Monday was the usual. Get up super early before the sun. Get Ready & head off to work for the day. I did manage to get into these fun leggings though for some gym time. I am back on the grind to lose this weight. I just looked at my calendar, I have 163 days until I am back on Vacation for what will seem like 3 months. 
 photo photo49_zpsb1b1b386.jpg

Tuesday was work at home type of day. Sister & I hit up the gym again in the middle of the day as my lunch break. We also managed to "meal plan." What is this you ask? We made a list of dinners we will eat & on what days we eat them. So far it is working great & I am loving it! We will try week 2 next week of clean eating. 
 photo photo215_zps6ff39b75.jpg
Speaking of this meal plan deal thing we are trying out. We made zucchini boats - they were super yummy! 
 photo photo315_zps0108c6de.jpg

We are tracking all our food in fitness pal , we are posting more pictures on instagram, and I am trying to use my workout page more often. I would love to have you follow along in the journey of this weight loss. 

Wednesday: Sister had her first day of her new job since moving to California. She loves it. I had work at preschool than came home to do some more work as it is the end of the month & the busiest time for me. Cali loves it because she gets to spend more time outside when I am home. Now that I am trusting her more & more outside with the boys. Let's take a moment to address how much she loves water. She tries to eat it, swim in it, dig in it and everything else you can imagine.  

 photo photo115_zps95a1c3b8.jpg

She's giving me that look like "What mom? What did I do?" She was so happy & loving, I couldn't even be mad at her. I mean look at that face & those eyes. 

Thursday: We were up bright & early. We both had work again so it was off to the gym super early. 

 photo photo316_zpsc176ca96.jpg

We tried the new protein powder we got in the mail. We ordered mint chocolate chip which is super yummy with almond milk for a milk shake type and we got confetti cake batter which is also a thumbs up! It felt so awesome to get the gym done super early & have the rest of the day ahead of us to do work & get everything done.

Today, Friday, will consist of work, running errands, figuring out our grocery list & hopefully watching Frozen!  

That's how my week went. Kinda lame, just consist of work & gym a lot.   

How was your week?

Hope you have the best weekend!! 


Hump Day Ramblings

This week I am saying So What Wednesday... 

-I am beyond tired. I have no idea how I am surviving this stuff but I am making it slowly. 

-That I lost my fitbit Saturday afternoon & I have been throwing mini fits to find it. I swear I put it on the nightstand and Casper took it (That's my story & I am sticking to it) 

-I need to figure out some time management help or something to straighten out my life. I always feel like a hot mess. 

-Yesterday I wore the best leggings to the gym & even the girl at the front desk said she liked them. 

-I have so much on my to do list but I feel like it is never ending & always growing 

-That I am ready for teeball to be over & I haven't even been to a game since before I left for Minnesota 

-I am kinda bitter that Alex won't be with me on 4th of July for the first time in the 4 years we've been together. (It's all because he choose to leave too insert bitterness) 

-I am loving Hawaiian Green Tea & Lorna Jane. My new addiction.

-that Alex & I did not take a single picture together this Easter. (another bitter moment)  

that's all I have for you today. 

Happy Hump Day!! 

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Life After I Dew


Dear Girl On The Deadmill Next To Me

Dear Girl On The DeadMill Next To Me,

I have a few things to tell you because you motivated me without even realizing it. It sparked something in me that I never knew existed. 

Let me be the first to tell you how amazing you are. 
You are putting in the hard work. You looked around as if anyone noticed us in the corner of the cardio room. Let me tell you, we all notice each other but we aren't judging. We have all been there before. Just keep working hard and we will all support each other in this journey.  

Next, I saw you checking out my deadmill wondering what I was doing. Please don't let it fool you, this is just the beginning of my journey. Also, I saw you giving me "that look", the same look I give the skinny girls in the locker room because I am a bit jealous. Don't let it stop you, let this be motivation to keep going and keep coming back. We all must start somewhere in this journey. Did you wake up yesterday, the day after Easter feeling regret for eating all that yummy family food? I have been there, where I stepped on the scale and here I am weighing 35 pounds more than I ever wanted to be.  

Next, I saw your smile and that proud moment when you first started running. I was wondering if that was the first time you ran in a very long time because of that smile, I was very proud of you. You are achieving many milestones that you probably didn't think was possible. Don't ever give up and you will reach many more goals. 

Those moments when you need to walk instead of run just remind yourself that you are doing a lot more than the others who didn't even make it to the gym. Remind yourself you are doing this for you and that it is perfectly okay to take sometime out for yourself to go to the gym. 

Please continue to keep coming to the gym. You are worth every step of the journey. This is your journey and you are in charge of it. 


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Fun Friday + $125 Paypal Giveaway

New Tiffany Sunglasses - I love them! 

Dear Friday, Thank you! Let me just say I love you because I get to sleep in because the little one doesn't have school. Thanks to spring break. Also, I am thinking today is a good day to get our errands done such as going to the mall & cashing in some change. Dear Navy Fed, Thanks for the free money for my sister opening her account. I will take $50 anytime you wish to offer it up. Dear Alex, Hope you feel better soon as I know Monday is a big day for you. I love you.  Dear Easter, This is the first Easter Cy & I get to spend together in a very long time. Dear Weather, Thank you for not being extremely bipolar like the midwest. I feel bad that they just got 4+inches of snow this week. Reasons why I don't live in the midwest. Dear Work, We very much have a love hate relationship. I am working on finishing you this week so I can feel accomplished this week. Dear Bank Account, I promise to build you back up. Currently though my mission is to pay off credit cards (almost there) Dear Water, we need mend our relationship & reunite. I want to go back to drinking 100oz a day to flush my body out & stop holding so much of you. Dear weightloss, I feel like we are starting to rebuild our relationship slowly. I know its not an overnight thing but I would love it if it happened that way kinda like a one night stand. Dear Cali, Thank you for being a good girl at the boarding place. They said they loved you & you are extremely sweet. They must not know you very well because you can be such a terror sometimes. I am glad though you past & will be able to stay there again when Dad & I go on vacation in October. Dear Readers, Thank you so much for all the sweet comments about my road trip back to Cali.  Also, because I love you all. A few of my favorites came together to off $125 paypal cash just for you!! Just go enter the giveaway for your chance to win! 


That Time I Drove From Minnesota To California

I made it home. We are officially back in Cali and my sister is officially living with me. 

Last week was great visiting family & being there to pack Cy up to move out. We left Minnesota at 2:11am (PST) on Friday & we pulled into my driveway at 6:58am (PST) on Saturday. 

The road trip it self wasn't that bad. It is extremely boring east of Denver just as I remember. Once we made it through Denver though it was beautiful. Snow everywhere, hills, mountains and a lot more to look at than plain flat land. 

Leaving Mom's house. 

Random bridge somewhere in the middle of no where

Dinosaurs are real

Stuck in traffic at the Twin Tunnels in Colorado. They were doing some blasting

We made it home. Picked up my baby girl

We spent Saturday relaxing & enjoying the fact we made it home safe. No problems. Than we all took naps, had a yummy dinner and got ready for the week as we are back to the grind! 

Road trip 2014


Friday Letters

Dear Friday, You are officially here. The day Cy & I have been waiting for. The day we finally leave the state of Minnesota & she no longer has to come back to it. She will officially be living with me. The next 36 hours in the car with her will be adventure. Dear Cy Car, please keep us safe as we make this journey across the country. I am so excited for this. It is the one thing the two of us are looking forward to together. Dear Minnesota, Thank you for the fun times and for seeing the family. I love visiting but I am excited to get back to Cali & get back to my stuff. Dear Weight loss, we are about to become best friends. There is no more excuses and no more time to waste. It is now or never. Dear Cali, I have missed you so much this week. I sure hope you were a good girl for the boarding people & I promise to love on you when I get home. Dear Quote, You couldn't be more true and couldn't come at a better time. Some people are meant to teach you lessons in life and learn from them. Not everyone will be there for your entire life. Dear Alex, I hope you enjoyed your week away from me but guess what? We are coming home. I miss you & I love you. Dear weekend, Let's make it a fun one even though I will be spending majority of my time in a car driving. Dear Readers, Thank you for all the wonderful comments. you guys are seriously the best!  

Have a great weekend! 

I promise to share the pictures from the trip next week. 


I Love Mugs

I know I am super late for this but I didn't want to not say THANK YOU so much to the beautiful Brittany over at Fabulously Faint

I signed up with Kay for the mugswap in February and she partnered us together. I love it because I love snail mail (anyone ever want to send me snail mail?) & I love finding new bloggers. 

Brittany really stalked me to find the perfect mug for me. I love the mug and the colors and she was extra nice and sent me this green tea with blueberry and it is seriously heaven on earth. I have had it so many times that I might need to start looking for it around me to buy. It is super yummy! 

 photo photo113_zps3a3b0ae7.jpg

Thank you Brittany again for the mug & tea. You are such a darling! Go check her out & tell her I sent ya to say hi. 


30 Days of Blogging: Poems

Today I am linking up with the lovely ladies again for the 30 days of blogging. I am picking which one's I want to link up for but I would encourage everyone to link up at least a few times this month with them as it is an awesome idea. 

Today's topic is all about poems. I wouldn't say this is a poem but it is a quote that has always spoke to me. It truly got me through one of the darkest times in my life and it is extremely true. 

"Nobody said life would be easy, but they promised it would be worth it"

What is your favorite poem?
Happy Hump Day! 


March Goals Recap + April Goals

Remember that time I said I was going to make goals & stick to them? Yeah, let's talk about that. I epically (is that a word?) failed at them hardcore.

March Goals 

No soda: So I didn't make it the entire month but I did manage a pretty good chuck of it. I must get some credit right?

Drink 60oz of water each day: I would say I was close to this. I think I need to get better at keeping track of my water. Any ideas on a better way to keep track besides an app on my phone? I always forget to log it. 

Track my food: I did for the most part until I gave up. I did notice though I do eat better when I have to put it into my fitness pal. 

Go to the gym with Alex: I would say I was 100% on point with this one until I got sick. Why must people get sick to ruin their good streaks?  

Lose 10 lbs: Let's just say I failed.

Blog for the month: I would say I did okay with this. I need to work on it a bit more. I need to improve some things but I am loving it. 

Read two books: BIG FAT FAIL. I didn't even read 1 book. 

Now that I know the track record for some of these goals let's make April goals a little more attainable right?

April Goals

Disclaimer: Goals will begin April 13 as I am leaving the state tomorrow 

Go to the gym with Alex: I want to pick up where I left off before I got sick with the Jamie Eason Program. Week 5 phase 2. Let's do this

Drink 60oz of water: Let's continue to drink water each day to flush out the toxins + the detox I am doing each day

Lose 5 pounds: I know 10 pounds was kinda a big reach so I am going to shoot for 5 and hope for the best. 

Track food: as I stated above, tracking my food makes me pick better food to eat. 

Clean out my closet: Get rid of the clothes I truly know I won't ever wear again. Take all old clothes to platos closet than to the salvation army. 

Pay off credit card: I have a few credit cards that I should be able to pay off this month. One step closer to my 2014 goals

Blog: I want to continue blogging each month. I have some ideas in my head for post so I am hoping I can write them out on the computer now. 

Since I am cutting April short I am going to keep my goal list short. I am hoping I can reach these goals by April 30th. What are your goals for the month? 


Weekend Recap: Motivation || Chickens || Packing

I can't believe it is finally Monday. I feel like last week was never going to end between being sick and working 3 days at the preschool it was crazy. I must say though I am excited for this new week. 

Friday: I worked at the preschool than came home to relax. It was my uncle's birthday and as usual I bloggy failed and forgot to take pictures (mark my word I will get better at it) We went out to dinner to a yummy mexican food place & than we got the wild idea to go bowling. It was so fun & we all decided we should do it again soon. I found this quote on the insta and I need to remember it myself. Weightloss isn't an overnight thing. It is a full journey. 

 photo photo3_zps5edfe9fc.png

We also managed to get some baby chickens for our chicken coup that were 2 days old. So currently they are living under a head lamp. We will have 2 brown eggs & 2 white eggs each day once they start to lay eggs. 

 photo photo48_zps607e588d.jpg

Saturday: I finally got some good sleep. I worked most of the day getting charges done and ready to take off this next week. Eli had teeball as usual on weekends. We finally got those wonderful pictures of the front tooth missing. 

 photo photo214_zpsef02c8a8.jpg

Than it was relaxing and enjoying the quiet night in. 

Sunday: We did some errands as usual in the morning. Got the laundry done. Than it was time for packing as I am leaving on a jet plane right after work tomorrow.

 photo photo314_zps12803bd3.jpg

Comfy clothes all the way. Also because I just love my baby girl and she is going into boarding today. Isn't she so beautiful?

 photo photo114_zps2575bff1.jpg

Weekend was wonderful. I am ready for the new week and ready to get things going. I am super excited to have my sister living with me for the first time in my life. Than it is game on for this weight loss journey as we have big trips planned that involves swimsuits not to mention all the clothes in my closet I want to wear. 

How was your weekend?


Happy Friday

Dear Sickness, Please go away. I literally have never been knocked out for an entire week like this for a long time. You think it's okay for me to feel great in the morning & than afternoon is like BAM! Dear Cynthia, This time next week we will be on an adventure of a life time together. I can't wait. Get ready, I don't think either of us know what to expect. Dear weight loss, Thank you for allowing me to lose the weight I gained last week but please can we pick up the other weight to lose. Dear Alex, apparently we both were extremely tired or you forgot to set your alarm again for work. I hope things get better but don't forget I love you. Dear Top Gun 2, I am ready for you. I got all teenage girl excited when I heard you were happening.  Dear weekend, Please allow me to get everything done before my flight Monday. This includes getting some serious sleep. Dear readers, thank you for the random post this past week. You are seriously the best! 

Happy Friday! 


Exploring My Fears

It's Hump Day. This week is just flying by and I can honestly say I am extremely happy about that. 

I wish I could call into work but beings as I am a preschool teacher that does not have subs currently, it just means I am going to spread my germs to the little ones. (insert evil laugh) I have no big plans today in the classroom besides surviving. 

Today, I am going to take part today in the 30 days of Blogging. 

Today topic: My Biggest Fear

When I was little, my biggest fear was forever being alone but so far I am conquering that fear with the hubby. I honestly have no idea where that fear came from but I can remember always writing it in school when asked this question. I guess I always had this idea of a family and being with my best friend all the time. 

Now that I am over that fear, the new fear is the fact that I will never lose this weight that I have gained lately. I am scared I will forever just be big and never be what I used to be. That I won't fit into my clothes anymore. Am I the only one who has this fear? Please tell me I am not crazy! I so badly want to get back into shape, I want to get back to playing sports, I want to run my doggy, and I want to be able to do things with the hubby. I am working hard on this but it is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I keep telling myself one day at a time will get me there. 

Also, my fear of heights. The thought of it scares the crap outta me. Now that the hubby & little sister went sky diving, they want me to do it. Maybe my 25th birthday I can conquer this fear too. We will see how brave I truly get. 

Hopefully by the time I turn 25, both of these fears will be conquered & I can go onto conquering a new fears. This is my goal! 

What are your biggest fears? Do you have a plan to conquer them?


What I Have Been Doing

I decided it's time to let you in on what I have been doing. If you have been reading for some time now, you know I have been on this weight loss train for a hot minute. I am on a mission to lose 30 lbs by October 1st. Now that we have booked 2 different trips for the end of the year, this is very important to me. Recently, I started the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer program. (Right after the hubby came home from his interview)

I completed phase 1. I can't say I am extremely proud of my results because to be honest there wasn't really any huge results. 

Cheesecake - ate it! 
Dr. pepper - Drank It! 
Ice Cream - inhaled it! 
didn't really eat well - that was me! 
Skipped last week because I was extremely busy - felt like poop. 

So the only person I can blame for my results not happening is myself. By results, I mean the scale hasn't moved. It actually went up at the end of Sunday. I know the inches are falling off though because some of my clothes are starting to fit much better. (well before Sunday it was) 

Yesterday I started phase 2. I have a different mind set this time around. I am determine to do this. The only plan I have is next week while I am away - I will push that week back so it will take me an extra week to complete the 12 weeks. The one thing I love about this phase is the cardio. My goal is to do the full 30 minutes of the cardio but in a HIIT format. We own a treadclimber & I want to use this for the cardio & or the stair master. Also, everything I have read says to do it first thing in the morning and break up the cardio with the weight lifting. Advice on this? 

If everything goes well, I can beat this sickness that decided to take over yesterday. I will complete this program just in time for Memorial day weekend. Currently, my plan is to immediately repeat the program but focus on the plan exactly & have my sister with me. 

The part I struggle with the most. I am currently on my fitness pal tracking everything I put into my mouth including my vitamins and detox. I am hoping to use this the entire phase to help me realize what I am eating. I am trying to eat within my macros and calories. 

There you have it. What I have been up to on this hot mess train express. I am going to try to get some pictures done (since I failed at that in phase 1) Also, I have a facebook page that follows my journey or you can follow along on instagram

Happy Tuesday!