I Love Mugs

I know I am super late for this but I didn't want to not say THANK YOU so much to the beautiful Brittany over at Fabulously Faint

I signed up with Kay for the mugswap in February and she partnered us together. I love it because I love snail mail (anyone ever want to send me snail mail?) & I love finding new bloggers. 

Brittany really stalked me to find the perfect mug for me. I love the mug and the colors and she was extra nice and sent me this green tea with blueberry and it is seriously heaven on earth. I have had it so many times that I might need to start looking for it around me to buy. It is super yummy! 

 photo photo113_zps3a3b0ae7.jpg

Thank you Brittany again for the mug & tea. You are such a darling! Go check her out & tell her I sent ya to say hi. 


  1. What a cute mug! You know me and mugs! ;) The blueberry tea sounds really good!

  2. Brittany is the sweetest, and I love the mug she chose! And I'm a huge fan of snail mail I even wrote a post about it once :)