Hump Day Ramblings

This week I am saying So What Wednesday... 

-I am beyond tired. I have no idea how I am surviving this stuff but I am making it slowly. 

-That I lost my fitbit Saturday afternoon & I have been throwing mini fits to find it. I swear I put it on the nightstand and Casper took it (That's my story & I am sticking to it) 

-I need to figure out some time management help or something to straighten out my life. I always feel like a hot mess. 

-Yesterday I wore the best leggings to the gym & even the girl at the front desk said she liked them. 

-I have so much on my to do list but I feel like it is never ending & always growing 

-That I am ready for teeball to be over & I haven't even been to a game since before I left for Minnesota 

-I am kinda bitter that Alex won't be with me on 4th of July for the first time in the 4 years we've been together. (It's all because he choose to leave too insert bitterness) 

-I am loving Hawaiian Green Tea & Lorna Jane. My new addiction.

-that Alex & I did not take a single picture together this Easter. (another bitter moment)  

that's all I have for you today. 

Happy Hump Day!! 

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Life After I Dew


  1. My to-do list seems to be ever growing so I sympathize! Did you try to sync your fitbit? When you are in range it will sync and then you know it's close by.

  2. That to-do list gets me everytime. It is never ending! lol

  3. You got a fitbit?!! Yay! But it’s already missing?!! Today is the first time I’ve left it at home and feel naked without it!

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