Happy Friday

Dear Sickness, Please go away. I literally have never been knocked out for an entire week like this for a long time. You think it's okay for me to feel great in the morning & than afternoon is like BAM! Dear Cynthia, This time next week we will be on an adventure of a life time together. I can't wait. Get ready, I don't think either of us know what to expect. Dear weight loss, Thank you for allowing me to lose the weight I gained last week but please can we pick up the other weight to lose. Dear Alex, apparently we both were extremely tired or you forgot to set your alarm again for work. I hope things get better but don't forget I love you. Dear Top Gun 2, I am ready for you. I got all teenage girl excited when I heard you were happening.  Dear weekend, Please allow me to get everything done before my flight Monday. This includes getting some serious sleep. Dear readers, thank you for the random post this past week. You are seriously the best! 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Man, it got you too?! Hope you feel better! Yeah for some weight loss! I hope they don't ruin the original Top Gun! Maverick and Goose for life!

  2. Awww feel better girl! I've been battling a bad cold myself and I've been such a whiney baby about it. I'm verryyyy hesitant about a sequel to Top Gun...sometimes you just need to let amazing movies STAY amazing movies...and not ruin them with sequels! Eep!!