Fun Friday + $125 Paypal Giveaway

New Tiffany Sunglasses - I love them! 

Dear Friday, Thank you! Let me just say I love you because I get to sleep in because the little one doesn't have school. Thanks to spring break. Also, I am thinking today is a good day to get our errands done such as going to the mall & cashing in some change. Dear Navy Fed, Thanks for the free money for my sister opening her account. I will take $50 anytime you wish to offer it up. Dear Alex, Hope you feel better soon as I know Monday is a big day for you. I love you.  Dear Easter, This is the first Easter Cy & I get to spend together in a very long time. Dear Weather, Thank you for not being extremely bipolar like the midwest. I feel bad that they just got 4+inches of snow this week. Reasons why I don't live in the midwest. Dear Work, We very much have a love hate relationship. I am working on finishing you this week so I can feel accomplished this week. Dear Bank Account, I promise to build you back up. Currently though my mission is to pay off credit cards (almost there) Dear Water, we need mend our relationship & reunite. I want to go back to drinking 100oz a day to flush my body out & stop holding so much of you. Dear weightloss, I feel like we are starting to rebuild our relationship slowly. I know its not an overnight thing but I would love it if it happened that way kinda like a one night stand. Dear Cali, Thank you for being a good girl at the boarding place. They said they loved you & you are extremely sweet. They must not know you very well because you can be such a terror sometimes. I am glad though you past & will be able to stay there again when Dad & I go on vacation in October. Dear Readers, Thank you so much for all the sweet comments about my road trip back to Cali.  Also, because I love you all. A few of my favorites came together to off $125 paypal cash just for you!! Just go enter the giveaway for your chance to win! 


  1. Found out from your blog. Glad the weightloss is happening for you. Water is so good for you.

  2. Found out because I already follow your blog! :) Happy Easter!

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