Fun Friday + $125 Paypal Giveaway

New Tiffany Sunglasses - I love them! 

Dear Friday, Thank you! Let me just say I love you because I get to sleep in because the little one doesn't have school. Thanks to spring break. Also, I am thinking today is a good day to get our errands done such as going to the mall & cashing in some change. Dear Navy Fed, Thanks for the free money for my sister opening her account. I will take $50 anytime you wish to offer it up. Dear Alex, Hope you feel better soon as I know Monday is a big day for you. I love you.  Dear Easter, This is the first Easter Cy & I get to spend together in a very long time. Dear Weather, Thank you for not being extremely bipolar like the midwest. I feel bad that they just got 4+inches of snow this week. Reasons why I don't live in the midwest. Dear Work, We very much have a love hate relationship. I am working on finishing you this week so I can feel accomplished this week. Dear Bank Account, I promise to build you back up. Currently though my mission is to pay off credit cards (almost there) Dear Water, we need mend our relationship & reunite. I want to go back to drinking 100oz a day to flush my body out & stop holding so much of you. Dear weightloss, I feel like we are starting to rebuild our relationship slowly. I know its not an overnight thing but I would love it if it happened that way kinda like a one night stand. Dear Cali, Thank you for being a good girl at the boarding place. They said they loved you & you are extremely sweet. They must not know you very well because you can be such a terror sometimes. I am glad though you past & will be able to stay there again when Dad & I go on vacation in October. Dear Readers, Thank you so much for all the sweet comments about my road trip back to Cali.  Also, because I love you all. A few of my favorites came together to off $125 paypal cash just for you!! Just go enter the giveaway for your chance to win! 


Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Found out from your blog. Glad the weightloss is happening for you. Water is so good for you.

twinewithatwist.com said...

Found out because I already follow your blog! :) Happy Easter!

Hilary said...

Your blog! :-)