Dear Girl On The Deadmill Next To Me

Dear Girl On The DeadMill Next To Me,

I have a few things to tell you because you motivated me without even realizing it. It sparked something in me that I never knew existed. 

Let me be the first to tell you how amazing you are. 
You are putting in the hard work. You looked around as if anyone noticed us in the corner of the cardio room. Let me tell you, we all notice each other but we aren't judging. We have all been there before. Just keep working hard and we will all support each other in this journey.  

Next, I saw you checking out my deadmill wondering what I was doing. Please don't let it fool you, this is just the beginning of my journey. Also, I saw you giving me "that look", the same look I give the skinny girls in the locker room because I am a bit jealous. Don't let it stop you, let this be motivation to keep going and keep coming back. We all must start somewhere in this journey. Did you wake up yesterday, the day after Easter feeling regret for eating all that yummy family food? I have been there, where I stepped on the scale and here I am weighing 35 pounds more than I ever wanted to be.  

Next, I saw your smile and that proud moment when you first started running. I was wondering if that was the first time you ran in a very long time because of that smile, I was very proud of you. You are achieving many milestones that you probably didn't think was possible. Don't ever give up and you will reach many more goals. 

Those moments when you need to walk instead of run just remind yourself that you are doing a lot more than the others who didn't even make it to the gym. Remind yourself you are doing this for you and that it is perfectly okay to take sometime out for yourself to go to the gym. 

Please continue to keep coming to the gym. You are worth every step of the journey. This is your journey and you are in charge of it. 


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  1. What a great motivation! SHe was lapping everyone on the couch! Get it girl!

  2. This is such a sweet and inspiring post, love it! The world needs more encouraging people.

  3. You are wonderful!!! I loved this.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. There is so much hate and jealousy in this world that reading about women inspiring other women just makes my day :)