A Late Weekend Recap: Adjustment || Shopping || Grooming

Let me first say how this weekend stuff is starting to become regular post on Tuesdays. Does that say anything about how crazy my weekends are? I honestly have no idea with what though. 

Friday: I spent a few hours working. Than my sister & I both had chiropractor appointments. Let me just say I am not as jacked up as I thought I was. I did get my adjustment on though and the massage chair is heavenly. 

After the appointment, we decided to hit up ikea. She was in need of a desk for her room. Also, who doesn't love ikea? My only advice, don't do legs on Thursday expecting to walk all the stairs without waddling. It was pretty funny though to watch us. After Ikea, we managed to make it over to costco (across the parking lot) & I picked up a new fitbit since mine officially has disappeared. Let's hope fitbit #2 stays around for a bit. Than it was home & hanging out with the boys. 

Saturday: We went shopping down at the outlets again. Hubby wanted to get out of the house and we wanted to do a double date type thing with sister and her boyfriend. The under armour outlet is super dangerous. I always try to make it one of my last stops though because that's where I spend most of the money. After shopping, we came home. Took naps than Sister & I went to see "The Other Woman"

My dad says "there's no dress code for the movies" so sister took full advantage of that and went in sweats and her slippers. The movie itself was amazing. I loved every bit of it. I love the story line of friendships and made me thankful not only for an amazing husband who would NEVER do that to me but also for the friendships I do have. I would say everyone should go see it. After the movies, we sneaked over to Cold Stone for some ice cream, than it was home to find the boys watching basketball. 

Sunday: We woke up semi early to get ready. We made an appointment for the grizzly bear to finally get groomed for the first time ever. The same lady who did Cali did him too. She had to give him two baths because apparently he was so dirty. Now that he is super clean, I just want to cuddle him! 

Since it was a 4 hour wait for him. We went to Starbucks, car wash, Costco and spent too much money on who knows what, target for some randomness, and Petco. Cali got a new toy of course and she has it destroyed already. Once we were home, it was time to get ready for the week. Not only is it the end of the month for me, so work is super nuts but I also am picking up a few more hours at the preschool. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week
We are expecting Santa Anna's this week which means super hot weather starting already. Who needs spring when you can go straight to summer right? 


  1. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!

    And I thought my weekend was crazy..but you take the gold on this one for sure!! Although, I was barely home this weekend..didnt' do as much running around, was just busy with parties, races, and baby sitting. I'm officially tired!!

    It's been getting hotter down here in San Diego near the beach...I can only imagine how hot it's getting up by you..I was in Ramona this weekend (where I am from, and where my parents live) and it was blazing hot..these Santa Ana's are gunna be killer!!

    Happy Tuesday,
    - Ashlee Michelle

  2. What a fun and busy weekend! The movies in her slippers is just genius! Looks comfy. Grizzly bear looks so freaking cute!!!

  3. Sometimes when I read your blog, it makes me sad.

    It makes sad because we should be living in the same city, hanging out 24/7 and being best friends.

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