Friday Letters

Dear Friday, You are officially here. The day Cy & I have been waiting for. The day we finally leave the state of Minnesota & she no longer has to come back to it. She will officially be living with me. The next 36 hours in the car with her will be adventure. Dear Cy Car, please keep us safe as we make this journey across the country. I am so excited for this. It is the one thing the two of us are looking forward to together. Dear Minnesota, Thank you for the fun times and for seeing the family. I love visiting but I am excited to get back to Cali & get back to my stuff. Dear Weight loss, we are about to become best friends. There is no more excuses and no more time to waste. It is now or never. Dear Cali, I have missed you so much this week. I sure hope you were a good girl for the boarding people & I promise to love on you when I get home. Dear Quote, You couldn't be more true and couldn't come at a better time. Some people are meant to teach you lessons in life and learn from them. Not everyone will be there for your entire life. Dear Alex, I hope you enjoyed your week away from me but guess what? We are coming home. I miss you & I love you. Dear weekend, Let's make it a fun one even though I will be spending majority of my time in a car driving. Dear Readers, Thank you for all the wonderful comments. you guys are seriously the best!  

Have a great weekend! 

I promise to share the pictures from the trip next week. 


  1. Hope you have a fun and safe trip! I am sure Cali misses you, but you will give her plenty of loving when you get back!

  2. Have a safe drive girls! But make sure you have fun! Weight loss is a process my dear! You can totally do it! I'm slowlyyyy losing, but I've learned that -1 or -2 lbs a week is muchhhh better than -0 or +1 or any other amount! Keep it up woman!

  3. Good luck having your sister live with you! I loved living with my sister most of the time...emphasis on most ;) Safe trip!

  4. No more excuses my dear friend - kick this weight losses butt! You know I am behind you. How did the day and a half in the car end up being? I would go crazy. Girlfriend your house is going to be super full now. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!