Thank Goodness For The Weekends

Happy Friday Ya'll!!! This has been one jammed pack week (not like the other weeks aren't). I feel like I do the same thing week after week. Work work work, gym, survive & sleep. Anyone else feel like this?

On a side note: Welcome to all my new readers from the giveaway I was apart of! I hope you enjoy the blog! Feel free to leave comments & or swap buttons with me. I try to answer all comments back within a timely manner.   

Back to my exciting week ...

Monday was the usual. Get up super early before the sun. Get Ready & head off to work for the day. I did manage to get into these fun leggings though for some gym time. I am back on the grind to lose this weight. I just looked at my calendar, I have 163 days until I am back on Vacation for what will seem like 3 months. 
 photo photo49_zpsb1b1b386.jpg

Tuesday was work at home type of day. Sister & I hit up the gym again in the middle of the day as my lunch break. We also managed to "meal plan." What is this you ask? We made a list of dinners we will eat & on what days we eat them. So far it is working great & I am loving it! We will try week 2 next week of clean eating. 
 photo photo215_zps6ff39b75.jpg
Speaking of this meal plan deal thing we are trying out. We made zucchini boats - they were super yummy! 
 photo photo315_zps0108c6de.jpg

We are tracking all our food in fitness pal , we are posting more pictures on instagram, and I am trying to use my workout page more often. I would love to have you follow along in the journey of this weight loss. 

Wednesday: Sister had her first day of her new job since moving to California. She loves it. I had work at preschool than came home to do some more work as it is the end of the month & the busiest time for me. Cali loves it because she gets to spend more time outside when I am home. Now that I am trusting her more & more outside with the boys. Let's take a moment to address how much she loves water. She tries to eat it, swim in it, dig in it and everything else you can imagine.  

 photo photo115_zps95a1c3b8.jpg

She's giving me that look like "What mom? What did I do?" She was so happy & loving, I couldn't even be mad at her. I mean look at that face & those eyes. 

Thursday: We were up bright & early. We both had work again so it was off to the gym super early. 

 photo photo316_zpsc176ca96.jpg

We tried the new protein powder we got in the mail. We ordered mint chocolate chip which is super yummy with almond milk for a milk shake type and we got confetti cake batter which is also a thumbs up! It felt so awesome to get the gym done super early & have the rest of the day ahead of us to do work & get everything done.

Today, Friday, will consist of work, running errands, figuring out our grocery list & hopefully watching Frozen!  

That's how my week went. Kinda lame, just consist of work & gym a lot.   

How was your week?

Hope you have the best weekend!! 


  1. I am lovingggg those leggings! Keep up the good work lady! Slow progress is progress. It eventually adds up! Where is your sister working?

  2. I finally got into patterned leggings...I am more of a solid kind of gal but I just went to the store and bought some patterned ones. I love them.

    I've been on a workout kick for almost 2 months now - slowly but surely. At first I was focusing on fitting into my Wedding dress but now that the wedding has passed, I can focus more generally now..getting a head start on a routine was definitely needed though.

    Thanks for your help too with getting a new blog started..I am so happy I deleted my old one and started fresh. Hopefully good comes of it. I added BLOGLOVIN - except I am having trouble understanding it. Hoping it gets me more interactive with other bloggers too!!

    My New Blog is...

    Hope to see you over there!! I followed you on BlogLovin too..not sure what that means though, still trying to figure it out. Pointers? lol

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Love zucchini boats! Those leggings are so cute!! You are doing on your fitness! Meal prepping is key!