The Day After Turkey Day


Dear Weekend,
I love you. You are extra long & I say you should always be this long! 

Dear Alex,
There aren't words to describe you, but know I love you. 

Dear School,
I can't wait for Dec. 10 & I will officially be complete. 

Dear Work,

Dear Rafiki,
I love you. I can't wait to see the adventures we will have over the next years to come. 

Dear Kay,
I love you. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have the BEST day ever & we shall go out sometime soon to celebrate just saying!! 

Dear Bank Account,
I promise to rebuild you & save money. Please be nice to me as I get control of this thing again. 

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday & i can't wait to read all about them. Thank you for all the lovely comments & if you have left me a comment but haven't received one back it's probably because you are a no reply blogger. 

Have a GREAT weekend! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

The future isnt easy. It holds things that you have no control off. Ive been Fighter my whole life and I have alot of fight left in me.

It only seemed right for me to type up a Thankful post for today. 
Like so many people on Facebook I thought I would do 28 things I am thankful for as this year Thanksgiving in Today on November 28. 

I am thankful for

1. the roof over my head & the ability to buy my house 

2. my amazing supportive husband through all my wild ideas 

3. my new ride Rafiki who I love dearly 

4. all my friends who are amazing & there for me when I need them the most 

5. my dysfunctional family who I love more than anything

6. All my animals (6 dogs, 5 cats, bird, fish) I have no favorites! 

7. the ability to have a flexible job 

8. school - as much as I hate it currently I am glad to say I am educated 

9. US Navy - allows me to live the life I live & provide my husband with a job

10. my baby sister who i can't wait to see in less than a month

11. my iphone. no need to say more

12. my amazing trip that I went on in October & can't wait to go back

13. my health 

14. the ability to workout or not 

15. My freedom to do what I want & post what I want 

16. my friendship with my Mom, as I get older the more she becomes my best friend 

17. my bed 

18. country music to always make me feel better

19. my past that has made me who I am today 

20.  The desert where I can build many more memories with my family & friends

21. The Holidays where it's not about presents but about being around family 

22. my daddy - I will forever be his little girl no matter how old I get

23. a cold beer

24. Pinterest for allowing me to waste alot of my day day dreaming

25. the ability to shop & not stress to much over if we can afford it or not 

26. airplanes to go see family & friends

27. A day to remember why I am thankful & what I am thankful for

28. All of you 

29. The love from above who keeps blessing my life.

Today I am thankful for everything in my life both bad & good & everything in between. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


So What Hump Day

Today is HUMP DAY.... 

Another edition of So What Wednesday

So What

...Today starts my weekend & I am officially enjoying EVERY second of it. 

...that my brother flew into town last night 

...even though it is my weekend I will also be working still here & there

...Come Friday Morning I just might put up Christmas Decorations 

...I am in love with Rafiki 

...I am planning on spending my hump day catching up on things such as emails & other fun errands

...Kay has a birthday coming up on Friday  :) 

...that I skipped blogging yesterday as I was busy with work 

...I took this week off the gym because I have been stressed and I really need to reevaluate my time

...that I am not really excited about Christmas shopping this year. Can someone else do it for me?

...I really want to see Hunger Games in the luxury theater. Can someone please tell my husband?

...Yesterday when I left work, my aunt made a hint about pumpkin pie so now I am debating on if I want to make it or just buy it.

...I am truly over school. Gimme my C & let me go my way! 

...that I kinda feel weird that I am not going to counseling this week. I love my counselor she is amazing

...That I am ready to start baking again & get my life back on track 

...that I am ready to lose this weight & keep it off!

...that I love Landshark beer 

...that I am daydreaming about going back to Grand Turk (I know I need to finish my recap) 

...I am thankful for my family & friends including all of you who read my blog & leave me comments. 
Thank you. 

Happy Hump Day! 


Please Meet Rafiki

What a weekend.. 
It is such an amazing feeling to know I am truly blessed with an amazing family. 

We did it. We finally bought a new car. We bought a mommy car. 

Bloggy Friends please meet Rafiki 

Rafiki is a 2013 GMC Acadia Denali verison. 
To say I am in love is an understatement! 

but the thing is, has anyone bought a new car? The process is SO long. I literally spent all Friday afternoon at the dealership debating between two cars and trying to find a car payment that I wanted to commit too. 

It was the last day of soccer. 
Such a bitter sweet moment. 
Eli had a good game & enjoyed his team party

Good Season Dragons but I am glad to have my Saturdays back & not stress over what time the game is & planning around it. 

Typical sunday funday.. 
Got my nails done. Ran some errands & got ready for the week. 
Nothing too exciting but good news

The Chargers FINALLY won a game against KC & Minnesota tied. 

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


Friday Letters


Dear New Car, I sure hope you are in my driveway soon. I would love it even though that means dual car payments for us & A LOT less shopping and doing fun things but we can do it. Dear Alex, Thank you for being so supportive through this car thing and for loving me. I know I complain a lot and things have been a struggle lately but I love you. Dear Cynthia, I can't wait for you to come visit. 31 days until we are living the broke life together. Dear Christmas, I know we won't be getting a whole bunch of presents this early even more so if said new car appears in driveway but that doesn't mean I can't spend it with family & friends. Dear bills, please pay yourself it would be awesome. Dear School, we have 24 more days together & we will officially be divorced. I am happy to say that I am not sad about this. Dear Weight loss journey, I am so excited to be on this journey and hopefully continue to see the loss on the scale. I am ready to get down to it. I know with all the stress lately it has been a struggle but we can do this! Dear Home, I promise you will be cleaned very clean soon. Dear weekend, I am so excited for you. I hope our weather stays like this. I am enjoying the rain and cold. Dear new friends, Thank you coming by. Please say hello and I promise to write back. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Friday!


So What

It's that time again in the week...

Guess what day it is.................

Happy Hump Day

This week I am saying So What If ...

-I am not having the best month and would be perfectly okay with waking up in December

-I honestly have lost all motivation to work. I have so much to do but lost all the motivation to do it. 

-my house will never be pinterest ready or pinterest projects everywhere. I wish! 

-I might be getting a new car. 

-I started my Christmas wish list a few weeks ago but the odds of me getting my items are very small 

-I might of already started decorated for Christmas 

-I am addicted to scentsy 

-I am excited for a break next week to just sleep in and hang around the house 

-I am not excited to go shopping anymore. Maybe I am finally okay with everything in my closet 

-I have been in bed every night besides the night I was at school by 8pm. Tonight will be included 

-I am so not tech savy but I really wish I was. I would love to make some fun things on the computer. 

What are you saying So What to this week?


First Day At Sea

After my birthday celebrations we had a full day at sea and let me tell you how excited I was to spend my first day at sea. (NOT) 

Breakfast in the dining room surprisingly it was the only place with eggs Benedict 

We spent the rest of the day exploring the ship and being lazy. 

That night was dress up night

Just wouldn't be a cruise unless we took selfies in the mirror

Yes I know, we look like ketchup and mustard. 

I was so excited for the towel animals each night. The one reason I was so excited for going on a carnival curise

Top: Bebe 
They are probably the most comfy pair of leggings I own. I love them 

Alex taking selfies

and since it was Sunday night - just wouldn't be the same unless we were watching football on the big screen above the pool 

The first day on the ship over all wasn't a bad experience. I enjoyed it. 

Next stop: Grand Turk 


Let's Go Monday


Monday you are here. 
The past four days have been rough. 
I am not sure I am ready for this week as it is a VERY busy week for me.{please excuse me if I take some time off}
Today is my final for my LAST class of college unless I decide for a masters degree. not looking likely

Please send all good positive vibes that I get a good grade and do well. 
I am also starting week 2 of Jamie Eason Live fit program today. 
& this is my 4th to last Monday night of class. 

What are you excited about this week?



Happy Friday Dance

Motivation for Friday?
My husband posted it to my facebook a week or so ago and I just love Jillian! 

Dear Friday, I am so glad you are here. Yesterday was rough and I am glad it's in the past now. Moving forward please be much brighter. Dear Alex, I love you. Thank you for always being there for me through everything. I never give you enough credit for being such an amazing husband. Dear Final, I am super nervous for you on Monday. After Monday though, it will be a breeze so just gotta make it through this. Dear weekend, I am so ready for you but please slow down. The last two weeks have flown by and I am not ready to go back to school on Monday nights but there is only 23 days left. Dear weight loss journey, we have met & we are getting along. Let's keep it this way. Dear Bloggers, Thank you for hanging out & I am trying to respond to comments and love the love. Hello to all my new readers, thank you for coming by & reading my journey. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Let's Be Real Honest

Today is Friday Eve, who else is excited? 

I am so ready for the weekend. I know what I want my weekend to look like and to be honest, it probably will go exactly as planned. Me + couch + tv = great weekend with some cleaning and house work that need to get done. 

Today isn't about my weekend plans [that's tomorrow] this is about the awesome new love I have found. The love for the gym & working out
I have officially completed week 1 of 12 from the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer program found on bodybuilding.com

Why? You ask

I made a promise to myself to weight what I did before I met Alex. Than I started thinking some more of that and I think 5'3 & 105 is way too small for me. Yes I was skinny but I don't think it's healthy with that said I set a goal to 30 lbs by my next birthday [October 2014] That means I have 324 days exactly to get to business and no time for slacking off and messing up. Setting goals is the best way to stay accountable but only if you tell others to hold you to that. [I am telling you all to stay accountable and to prove to myself I can do this] 


Yes I will be doing blog post updates as it is now apart of my life and how could I not blog about it? After all it is my space and my life to blog about and write. I also made a facebook page to help keep the motivation. I currently do not have progress pictures. I will be taking before pictures to prove to you how this program works. I also want to be able to share my recipes I will be creating and my meal plans just remember I am NO doctor nor am I any type of fitness personal. I am just trying to do what I think works for me and get my mind and body back to where I want it to be. 

The best part is this lovely lady is doing it with me and always sends me the most encouraging texts. 
We're virtual workout buddies

Week 1 

I am extremely sore in my chest and arms. There is no cardio in the first month of this program. [i have been doing 5 mins on the stair master though] I have began to eat healthier and is a constant struggle as I live with a 5 year old and some other people so I can't just keep healthy foods in the house. Yes I realize I will be doing this program through the holidays but that just gives me more push to work harder and eat right. I can still enjoy all the holidays and family time without all the calories. 

My legs are on recovery from my squats yesterday. 
I am hoping for a much better 2nd week and more progress. I am hoping this will begin my journey to lose weight and a new me.  

Happy Thursday 


So What!

This week I am saying So What.... 

...I officially made a Facebook page for my workout & surprisingly it has been such a motivation + this mama is also doing my same workout & she's been keeping tabs on me

...Today marks One Month + One Year since I became a married woman 

...that I want to boycott Christmas but I am ready decorate 

...that I am okay with writing blog post about life even if only a few people actually read it 

...if I drink 3 Starbucks in one week {doesn't help the diet though} 

...if I need a break from life/ reality 

...if I am still reading my book that's a month old [I really want to finish] 

...I ate turkey something every night so far since I bought so much ground turkey but everything has been delicious 

...my final is on Monday & as nervous as I am - I think I am more excited to just get it done & over with & school is that much closer to forever being done 

...I am ready to close one chapter in my life to begin writing a new one 

What are you saying so what to this week

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We Set Sail

It's Tuesday and now that it has almost been a month since I took my awesome cruise.. I am officially beginning my recap of it.

Just in case you weren't around for it, we took a cruise to Grand Turk, Purto Rico, St. Marteen & St. Thomas. I am so ready to go back to the crystal blue water and not a worry in the world.  

Day 1

don't think trigger go the memo we were leaving

In Florida 

Day 2

I spent my birthday boarding the ship
we were on the carnival Freedom

In our room
I am a bit of a snob and we got a balcony. 

Waiting for disembark stuff

Celebrating my birthday

Comedy club

Birthday shots with my aunt

The first night on the ship was a blast even though we were one of the last few that was still awake at 2 am considering we were used to being 3 hours behind since after all we are Cali people.

Stay tune for our first day at sea & my favorite ports. 

Happy Tuesday!

Just for a treat.. Don't forget about the Starbucks giveaway 

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Happy Veteran's Day!

Take a moment today to say Thank you to at least one Veteran 

Happy Veterans Day! 


Friday Letters

clean the house!

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming even though I am working tomorrow because the teacher I am covering for actually ended up in the hospital today.  Please don't be too crazy for me.  Dear Work, I have so much of you to do at home. I am not really sure when I will do this. Praying for this weekend as I need to get it done before next Wednesday. Dear Alex, The gym was fun with you but I am not sure I can hang with you there. I am so OUT of shape that you basically killed me. Let me get my eating on track and start to lose some weight to find this motivation, but I do love you for trying. Dear weight loss gym, I can't believe you gym that you do NOT own a scale. I am glad though that we have remet and have a relationship. I am excited to start this journey. Dear food problems, please dont get to carried away as I am trying to change things up and not turn to food for everything. Dear Final, I can't believe you are a week from Monday and I have zero things planned. I am extremely nervous for you as you are a make or break type of deal for me. Dear Readers, Thank you for the love on this said blog. I am hoping to find the motivation again to start blogging and topics to blog about. Thank you for sticking by me. 

Happy Friday & Have a wonderful Weekend


So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What to....

*I decided to start my "transformation" on Monday November 11, therefore I am enjoying all my favorites until than including dr.pepper 

*I officially joined a gym. Hoping Kay & Marty will be motivation and I can lose this weight before swimsuit session sneaks up on me AGAIN

*that I hit snooze at least 5 times this morning and it would drive my hubby crazy.. good thing he leaves at 4am

*that my final for my LAST class EVER is on Nov. 18 and I have NO IDEA what I am doing. All my preschool teachers out there.. I need your help! 

*that I am hoping to convince my hubby to go shopping at a mall 2 hours away on Monday (think I can do it?) I really need to exchange a shirt. 

*that I am a grandma these days and I like to be in bed by 830 pm 

*that it is already Nov. 6 and I have yet to write my goals down for this month but I do know, I want to enjoy stuffing & mashed potatoes on Turkey day!

*that I truly am running out of ideas to blog about therefore there will be days I don't blog. I truly am sorry 

*I really want to put my Christmas decor out already.. Anyone else want too?

What are you saying So What to this week?


SoCal Sisters Meet-up = Success

My weekend went way to fast and I got nothing done that I really wanted too but it was fun! 

Friday: We watched the internship. It was funny. It is def a must see movie. I cant wait to see Vince Vaughn new movie 

Saturday: Soccer day as usual.. is it sad that I am ready for soccer season to be over? We have 3 games left than its over! After soccer, i went and got my nails done and off to my aunt's house for some dinner. Family bonding time is the best. 

Sunday: Thanks to Jill and Amanda for hosting my very first EVER bloggy meet with the SoCal Sisters. I know I once went to a concert with another blogger but that wasn't like an organized meet up. 

The brunch took place at Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff. The view was amazing, the weather was perfect, the mimosas were yummy and the food couldn't of asked for better. The company was the best part! Everyone is so nice and friendly and I can't wait to see everyone again. I would say this meet up was a success! 

picture courtesy of Amanda Kathryn

Left to Rright: Top Row - Jill from Classy with a Kick, Raina from San Diego HR Mom, Abby from The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster, Amanda from Amanda Kathryn, Amanda from A Beautiful Mess,
Adrienne from Pretty Chouette, Brianne from San Briego,
Bottom Row: Jessica from Wifesticated, Kailyn from Kailyn Marie , Marty from Marty with the Party

Also a big THANK YOU to Jill and Amanda for the beautiful gifts. Jill made beautiful lace necklaces (make sure you get one) and a beautiful thank you vase with a flower. 

Let me just say how happy it made me this morning to wake up to the flower. 

picture courtesy of Abby

Thank you Jill and Amanda again for such a successful meet up. I can't wait for our next adventure wine/beer tasting! 

Do you live in San Diego area or close by you can drive down to hang for a few hours? We would LOVE to see you all there as well. E-mail Amanda or Jill so they have your address for the next meet up details. 

Happy Monday


Dear Friday

End of Daylight Savings... This isn't actually funny, it's just true. Yes, very true.

Dear Friday, Thank you for being a day of rest for me. I am ready to start November with a bang. 

Dear November, I can't believe you are here already which means I am that much closer to school being done and seeing my little sisters beautiful face. 

Dear workout, I found a program I really want to to do. I am going to take this weekend to get it all set up and ready to go so that hopefully I can start in the near near future.
Cheers to losing weight

Dear Alex, I love you. 

Dear Budget, I think we are finally figuring you out but the problem is that I need to pay down one more thing and that place screwed up my payment. I will figure you out sooner than later I promise. 

Dear School, you will be the death of me. I seriously can't wait until we are finished and I can move forward with my life and not have that stress anymore. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for all the comments on everything. I promise to get back into blogging and recap the cruise. I know many of you got confused between my April cruise and my Caribbean cruise that just happened.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Friday!