Happy Thanksgiving!

The future isnt easy. It holds things that you have no control off. Ive been Fighter my whole life and I have alot of fight left in me.

It only seemed right for me to type up a Thankful post for today. 
Like so many people on Facebook I thought I would do 28 things I am thankful for as this year Thanksgiving in Today on November 28. 

I am thankful for

1. the roof over my head & the ability to buy my house 

2. my amazing supportive husband through all my wild ideas 

3. my new ride Rafiki who I love dearly 

4. all my friends who are amazing & there for me when I need them the most 

5. my dysfunctional family who I love more than anything

6. All my animals (6 dogs, 5 cats, bird, fish) I have no favorites! 

7. the ability to have a flexible job 

8. school - as much as I hate it currently I am glad to say I am educated 

9. US Navy - allows me to live the life I live & provide my husband with a job

10. my baby sister who i can't wait to see in less than a month

11. my iphone. no need to say more

12. my amazing trip that I went on in October & can't wait to go back

13. my health 

14. the ability to workout or not 

15. My freedom to do what I want & post what I want 

16. my friendship with my Mom, as I get older the more she becomes my best friend 

17. my bed 

18. country music to always make me feel better

19. my past that has made me who I am today 

20.  The desert where I can build many more memories with my family & friends

21. The Holidays where it's not about presents but about being around family 

22. my daddy - I will forever be his little girl no matter how old I get

23. a cold beer

24. Pinterest for allowing me to waste alot of my day day dreaming

25. the ability to shop & not stress to much over if we can afford it or not 

26. airplanes to go see family & friends

27. A day to remember why I am thankful & what I am thankful for

28. All of you 

29. The love from above who keeps blessing my life.

Today I am thankful for everything in my life both bad & good & everything in between. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. I love this post! Super that you have an amazing husband! :) have a good thanksgiving!