Friday Letters

clean the house!

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming even though I am working tomorrow because the teacher I am covering for actually ended up in the hospital today.  Please don't be too crazy for me.  Dear Work, I have so much of you to do at home. I am not really sure when I will do this. Praying for this weekend as I need to get it done before next Wednesday. Dear Alex, The gym was fun with you but I am not sure I can hang with you there. I am so OUT of shape that you basically killed me. Let me get my eating on track and start to lose some weight to find this motivation, but I do love you for trying. Dear weight loss gym, I can't believe you gym that you do NOT own a scale. I am glad though that we have remet and have a relationship. I am excited to start this journey. Dear food problems, please dont get to carried away as I am trying to change things up and not turn to food for everything. Dear Final, I can't believe you are a week from Monday and I have zero things planned. I am extremely nervous for you as you are a make or break type of deal for me. Dear Readers, Thank you for the love on this said blog. I am hoping to find the motivation again to start blogging and topics to blog about. Thank you for sticking by me. 

Happy Friday & Have a wonderful Weekend

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  1. craaaaaaaaap. i forgot to mention chuze doesn't have a stupid scale. that's what i hate about it. glad you're liking it other than that. i went out and bought my own scale, and use the one at the clarke at csusm too.