So What

It's that time again in the week...

Guess what day it is.................

Happy Hump Day

This week I am saying So What If ...

-I am not having the best month and would be perfectly okay with waking up in December

-I honestly have lost all motivation to work. I have so much to do but lost all the motivation to do it. 

-my house will never be pinterest ready or pinterest projects everywhere. I wish! 

-I might be getting a new car. 

-I started my Christmas wish list a few weeks ago but the odds of me getting my items are very small 

-I might of already started decorated for Christmas 

-I am addicted to scentsy 

-I am excited for a break next week to just sleep in and hang around the house 

-I am not excited to go shopping anymore. Maybe I am finally okay with everything in my closet 

-I have been in bed every night besides the night I was at school by 8pm. Tonight will be included 

-I am so not tech savy but I really wish I was. I would love to make some fun things on the computer. 

What are you saying So What to this week?


  1. So what if my college course wasn't what i want to do, and i was in need of time to figure that out! haha!

    Love your post! Good luck with your new car!

  2. I am feeling all sorts of blah from all over the place and it seems like you might be too. Time for a breath of fresh air my dear! Skip the gym one morning and do a hike like Stanley’s peak at Daley! It might be a bit more killer than the gym…but worth it and clears your head, if only for a couple of hours!

  3. My so what is less fun & more work . DUH! I am a car addicted , lol . What are you getting?