So What!

This week I am saying So What.... 

...I officially made a Facebook page for my workout & surprisingly it has been such a motivation + this mama is also doing my same workout & she's been keeping tabs on me

...Today marks One Month + One Year since I became a married woman 

...that I want to boycott Christmas but I am ready decorate 

...that I am okay with writing blog post about life even if only a few people actually read it 

...if I drink 3 Starbucks in one week {doesn't help the diet though} 

...if I need a break from life/ reality 

...if I am still reading my book that's a month old [I really want to finish] 

...I ate turkey something every night so far since I bought so much ground turkey but everything has been delicious 

...my final is on Monday & as nervous as I am - I think I am more excited to just get it done & over with & school is that much closer to forever being done 

...I am ready to close one chapter in my life to begin writing a new one 

What are you saying so what to this week

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