Happy Birthday Liz Bear!

I fail as a blogger...
I promise I didn't forget about this little corner of my world... 
Being busy is just an understatement when you work 2 jobs, mom, animals and husband. 

I really just wanted to drop in today to say


So make sure you stop by her little corner of the world today, wish her a happy birthday and enter her giveaway as she is doing a quest bar giveaway again (One day I will win one of these). 

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Liz, my bff, I am not even sure where to begin on how much our friendship means to me. You are always there for me when I need to chat and always willing to share some good advice. You are by far the sweetest person and always willing to help out with anything I may need. I am praying we get to have a trip sooner than later. I hope you have the BEST birthday ever as you are just beginning the fun years of life.

Happy Birthday Darling!  


Picture This...

Welcome to Friday..

You are probably wondering where I have been all week right?

Maybe you aren't... Maybe you didn't even notice I was missing... 

A little off topic...I know I said I would put up the tutorial for the diaper motorcycle cake but sadly I have ran out of time since my week was cut short... Next week if everything works out right..sometimes life just gets crazy 

Side note:..Good news I have lost 4.5 lbs in a week (secretly celebrating) 

But Picture this.. Toes in the water, ass in the sand, and a cold beer in your right hand.. What are you thinking??

No I am not at a Zac Brown Band concert... but close

I am beach camping this week!

I wish it looked like this


I am hoping to be back Monday with all the pictures and fun. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


What A Beautiful Weekend

Wow Hello Monday! 

This week is going to go fast as I only work 2 days this week and I have some big weekend plans. The stress though has kicked in as I am writing this at 4:15am and I can't seem to sleep anymore. 

But if we back up a few days, I can say the weekend was good. 

Friday: I honestly can't really remember what I did. I did run some errands during the day, made my own version of chiptole burrito bowl and probably went to bed at a decent hour (8pm)

Thanks to my BFF, I tried out the Blackberry Mojito tea from starbucks. I loved it but I was in my fitness pal trying to find the calorie count and I can only find the one that says 130 calories and a bunch of sugar lemonade one.. anyone can help with this? 

Saturday: I cleaned up the house. Got ready. My cousin had a baby shower. She is due in about 3 weeks if not sooner. Another boy will join the family. Than it was off to my other aunt's house for some dinner and swimming. 

Tutorial diaper motorcycle cake will be up later this week.

Sunday: I finally gave in to my craving and made blueberry pancakes. Got my nails done. Did some shopping at the mall. Went grocery shopping for our adventure this weekend. Than it was home and ready for bed! 

Now it's back to the grind of work and getting stuff done this week! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


What a Beautiful Week + Blog Hop is Back

Welcome Friday...

Remember to link up below for a blog hop :) 

I was thinking the other day, I don't know how my husband gets up at 3:50am Monday-Friday everyday. I would hate my life. 

This week was a learning curve. I am realizing what works for me and what doesn't work for me. 

Monday: I decided to start adding broccoli to my egg whites in the morning + half of an ezekiel english muffin (nothing on the muffin). Sometimes I add some hotsauce to my eggs. 

I also added some Peach Detox tea in the morning and I love the littler reminders it gives me each day.

Tuesday: Sister and I got to hit up the gym together. I finally ran again. I love the feeling of running. 

I also started meal planning for next week. I think this is really helping me stay on track with my food. 

Wednesday: After work I hit up the gym by myself and this is the furthest I've ran in about a month. I am so excited to be reaching that 3 mile mark again. Set small goals to help you reach big goals. 

I love this song.

Also my Lorna Jane cookbook came so stay tune for some recipes to come. I am hoping to start cooking up some of the yummyness she has in here.

Thursday:  We hit up the gym for some light walking (trying to change up our workouts) and walmart since my cousin is having a baby shower this weekend. I am going to attempt to make a motorcycle diaper cake.  Than I managed to make crockpot dinner. 

Nothing to crazy this week. Just staying focus on my journey and taking it one day at a time. 

Friday: Relaxing, cleaning and finishing up some things around the house. 

What are your weekend plans?? 


Ready Or Not...

Yesterday I was reading Skinny Meg post about tough love and I started to think of all kinds of things. It started with the excuses I tell myself and the excuses I hear all around me. Not to mention the excuses I tell my husband and I just let it go on and on. I am only hurting myself. I leave for my cruise in 93 days, my anniversary is in 88 days and I turn 25 in 80 days. 

How do we make excuses so easy yet we know we will regret it later on? When was the last time you made an excuse and you felt good about that excuse? {my point exactly}

The past two months I have been seeing a nutritionist and going to barre classes. Recently I started boot camp too once a week plus my cardio days. I will be the first to admit how disappointed I am in myself because I haven't lost any weight and I haven't been eating like I know I should. I can not blame anyone else but myself.  I started my journey over 365 days ago and I would be at my goal if only I stuck to it. If only I would STOP the excuses and just do it. I want to fit into my clothes in my closet that still have tags on it. When my husband sees me for our cruise I want him to be proud of my hard work. I want to wear a bikini and not be ashamed of it.  

I know I am not the only person whose husband is in the military, who works weird hours, who has a child to take care of, has animals to care for, who wants to sleep in, works 2 different jobs, who stresses over little things and so much more. I know so many people out there have it much worse than me and yet doing so much better on this train than I am.


The truth is....

Last weekend, I was trying on old dresses (high school prom dress and such) and I got really down on myself when I couldn't fit into them. I sat in my great room and thought to myself why not? Why can not lose this weight? Why am I working out so hard and nothing is budging on me? Why can I not fit into these dresses? Why am I not happy with myself? The only answer I can think of, because I didn't want it bad enough. I really didn't care. I really just kept putting it off. 

That is until that moment. Until last Friday sitting there, tears in my eyes I knew I had to change something. I sat down at my desk on Saturday and wrote out my meal plan for this week. I made a grocery list. I made a list of which stores I needed to go to to get these said groceries. I printed off my recipes. I paper clipped it all together.  I took it with me to meet my nutritionist. I took it with me grocery shopping. Sunday I cooked what I needed too, I pulled out chicken from the freezer for my meals this week, I packed up my lunch for Monday at work, I put everything into my fitness pal  . I did all these things to help me get on track and stop the excuses. I found my weakness in the process, food. I changed the way I did it before. 

The last two days I have been sticking to my food plan. I can honestly say I feel so much better about this journey. I feel like I can actually achieve my goals. I know it won't be easy. I know it won't be over night. I know I will need to face those parties (Saturday). I know I will spend weekends away from my house. It's in all those moments I need to remember my journey and make healthy choices. 

With all this said, here is to the next 80 days of no excuses and working hard at my goals. I want to look fierce when I turn 25! 

Ready or not.... cheers to the journey 


June to July...

When did it become July, let alone middle of July? It is so crazy to me how fast time is going and how fast things are changing around us.

June goals:

workout: We did great going to barre classes twice a week. I still did cardio but some weeks it wasn't 5 days a week but that is okay. 

Food Tracking: I failed at this so bad. New month which means I can start over right?

Morning pages: FAIL! I really need to get on this. I know it will make a big difference in me. 

Date night: We did mange to do some dates. Granted we turned them into like running errands but hey a date is a date right?

Read: What is that?

Rest of July goals

Workout: Continue working out. I recently took up boot camp classes too. I also want to get back to running at least 3x a week. I am trying to stay away from HIIT to lean myself out not to build bulk. 

Food planning: I am going to switch up my food tracking with food planning. I think if I plan my food out for the entire week than I might have a better chance of food tracking and eating cleaner.  

Date night: I really need these in my life. I miss our sunday fundays. I would even take watching a movie. 

Read and write: I need to do both these next two weeks to see how much of an impact they will have on my life. I am currently reading a new workout book that will hopefully help with my journey. 

So at the end of the day, July goals are the same as my June goals. I just want them all to be green and to lose some weight. 


Monday You Never Disappoint

Hey Monday.. Glad to see you arrive! 
I am starting this week with a new attitude and a new game plan. 

Apparently everything I have tried before wasn't working so I came up with a new way of doing things. 

1. Get rid of the scale (Yesterday morning was the last day of my scale). The stress of the scale can cause a lot of headaches and stress which in turns holds onto fat. 

2. Meal Planning for the entire week + grocery shopping for it all on Sunday. I know I need more calories but at least this way I am more likely to stick to my food. 

We will see how this all goes. I am hoping to reduce stress which will in turn reduce fat. See my logic here?

Onto my weekend: I am sad to say Indy went back home to my brother's in Sacramento. I miss this guy!! I know though it's only a matter of time until he's back at my house. 

Cali got a bath this weekend thankfully. Her undercoat was coming out again and she was shedding like crazy. Now she's back to being white probably until the end of today.

and this happened. I went from my brown hair to black with violet tint. I love it! 

Sunday was a day of shopping for foods and running errands. Once we were home it was time to meal prep and get everything ready for this new week. I sure hope this is the secret to my weight loss journey. 

How was your weekend?


A Little Bit Of My Week

We made it to another weekend. 
Sometimes I swear I blink and it's the weekend again. Anyone else feel like this? 
My week was busy with a lot of nothing fun really. I have a huge to do list and lots of work to do. Sorry in advance for my lack here on the blog.

My week looked a little like this... 

I made stuff peppers Sunday and we've been eating it all week. It's actually pretty good. I sorta made it up on my own. 

I want to change things in my life. Mostly the foods I eat, my workouts and how I handle stress. Here's to changing up my priorities. 

Made it to the gym Tuesday for the first time in a week. Let me tell you, I can tell I took a week off and it was ugly.

Probably the least amount of miles I've ran in a long time. I really miss running the 3+ miles a day but I just can't seem to get there yet.

Found this new seasoning at Trader Joe's. The hubby is going to give it a try this weekend.

Found this beautiful picture of Miranda and it couldn't be more true. 

Wednesday was exactly 100 days to get my butt into gear before I step food back onto a cruise ship. Here goes all or nothing right?

Wednesday was back at the gym for day 2.. Let me tell you, 2nd day after boot camp was horrible. I was extremely sore which I think plays into the part of not running like I want too

My Cali Mae thinks she needs to go camping apparently..She sure knows how to make a bad day amazing. 
I love her. 

My week went a little something like that. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Catch ya next week:
Monday: Weekend Recap 
Tuesday: Goals 


Guest Post: Mama Moly's Whole 30

What a treat to have such an amazing lady who was willing to share her experience on Whole 30. Mama Moly is amazing... 


I know I won't last 30 days, but I'll give it a shot…
This was my non-chalant approach to starting 30 days of no dairy, no grains (gluten and non-gluten), no sugar, and no legumes.  In my mind, it sounded like no fun.  

 Hi guys!  I'm Mama Moly from holymamamoly.com and at 243lbs, I'd tried almost every diet out there with limited and temporary success, before once again falling into old habits.  Mo Man (12 month old son) just learned to walk, and chasing after him while that big, was not easy; not to mention Mr. Moly (my hubby) and I are planning to conceive again this winter.  

I needed to try something I've never tried before: ditching the diets and getting healthy, for real.  This time I did my research, and finally admitted to myself that it wasn't going to be another temporary quick fix, but a change in my relationship with food, no matter how long it took to lose the weight.

I bought a copy of It Starts With Food, and got to work right away.  I knew if I waited to finish the book, I would never start, so I learned the main rules and learned the rest as I went along.  The first week is hard, I'm not even going to sugar coat it (no pun intended).  Coming from an almost entirely processed diet, it was a crazy shock to my system.  Blogging daily about my adventure helped a lot, and encouraged me as much as it held me accountable.  
On day 30, I couldn't believe I made it that far!  I felt so great and had a foreign confidence about me; truth be told, I didn't realize how desperately I needed to know I could see something like this through.  

Before Whole30 I was so tired and lazy that I gave up everything I did before I even started.  Now that I'm finished, I feel like I have a new energy about me, a new outlook on life.  I believe in myself, and believe me, if I can do this, so can you!

My results from the Whole30. 

I lost 31.5" from my entire body!

You can check out the full recap of my Whole30 experience on my blog: holymamamoly.com


What do you think of her experience? I almost want to give it a try & see how far I can make it! I love the idea of blogging every day for the full 30 days.

Please go by Mama Moly and give her some love. Follow her journey. 

Happy Wednesday ya'll! 


Quick Boring Weekend Update

I can't believe I am 88 days away from wanting to reach my goals. I better get my butt in gear. First thing though, how is it past 4th of July already?

My weekend was okay. Nothing too special. Matter of fact it kinda sucked to be honest. Friday was a blast at my aunts. We swam, ate yummy crab boil, and had amazing dessert. Friday night when we got home, the house was flooded. Our filter in our fridge leaked all over the house. We spent 3 hours cleaning up water and was miserable. 

Saturday we got up to the fridge still leaking. Cleaning up another lake. Went to a birthday party. Back to my aunts for swimming and dinner. 

Sunday it was our usual errands day. The boys were grumpy so we sent them home and took the acadia and shopped around. Bought a glass fruit infuser for water (cant wait). Hung out at my aunts. Made dinner and got ready for the week. 

So besides the lake that was in my house it was okay weekend. I am ready to get my life back in order and get things done. I want to get back to the gym.  

Last night I tried boot camp for the first time..
Stay tune tomorrow for an amazing guest post 


Boring Week & Extremely Tired

Happy Friday ya'll! 

It's 4th of July therefore you can catch me laying in the pool in the sun probably with drink in hand. I sure hope you are doing the same.

This week was rough to say the least. I have had this never ending headache and giant amount of stress but none the less here is what it's been like for me. 

My good friend sent me this anchor. How cute is it? She said she was browsing the mall and saw this and instantly thought of me. I swear I have the best friends in the world. 

The one day I did make it to the gym was Tuesday. I ran for 28 minutes straight. That was impressive for me. Considering a month ago I couldn't even run for 5 minutes. I guess it's true, slow and steady and eventually you will be able to do it. Progress slowly. 

This is how I felt Wednesday... 

Thursday was a work at home day and some barre class

Nothing grand I told ya... I just hope I am not this tired next week. 
I hope ya'll have a great 4th! 

I'll catch ya Monday!! 

Happy Weekend! 


Happy 4th of July

I love how simple and adorable this is. Today I woke up thinking I really want to be creative. I am thinking a trip to Michael's is going to be in my future.

Today I just wanted to pop in and say Happy {almost} 4th of July. I hope you all stay safe and have some fun.

I know my weekend is all planned out with some time in the sun in a pool, birthday parties and relaxing while sipping on some yummy drinks and eating amazing food.   

Have a great weekend ya'll!