Monday You Never Disappoint

Hey Monday.. Glad to see you arrive! 
I am starting this week with a new attitude and a new game plan. 

Apparently everything I have tried before wasn't working so I came up with a new way of doing things. 

1. Get rid of the scale (Yesterday morning was the last day of my scale). The stress of the scale can cause a lot of headaches and stress which in turns holds onto fat. 

2. Meal Planning for the entire week + grocery shopping for it all on Sunday. I know I need more calories but at least this way I am more likely to stick to my food. 

We will see how this all goes. I am hoping to reduce stress which will in turn reduce fat. See my logic here?

Onto my weekend: I am sad to say Indy went back home to my brother's in Sacramento. I miss this guy!! I know though it's only a matter of time until he's back at my house. 

Cali got a bath this weekend thankfully. Her undercoat was coming out again and she was shedding like crazy. Now she's back to being white probably until the end of today.

and this happened. I went from my brown hair to black with violet tint. I love it! 

Sunday was a day of shopping for foods and running errands. Once we were home it was time to meal prep and get everything ready for this new week. I sure hope this is the secret to my weight loss journey. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Love the hair!! I am also a total believer in menu planing, it works wonders!

  2. Your hair is fabulous! I love it!!

    I have started meal planning too...Let's see how this goes! haha I am not really good at planning anything so I'm curious how long this will last, I'm sure only this week! hahaha

    Reducing Stress would definitely help out a lot when it comes to me weightless. Things have been stressing me out Left and Right. I need to get my priorites in check I guess! haha

    Happy Monday! (well, mondays aren't ever happy) But HAPPY START OF A NEW WEEK!


  3. Meal planning is so important. Love the hair!!