Ready Or Not...

Yesterday I was reading Skinny Meg post about tough love and I started to think of all kinds of things. It started with the excuses I tell myself and the excuses I hear all around me. Not to mention the excuses I tell my husband and I just let it go on and on. I am only hurting myself. I leave for my cruise in 93 days, my anniversary is in 88 days and I turn 25 in 80 days. 

How do we make excuses so easy yet we know we will regret it later on? When was the last time you made an excuse and you felt good about that excuse? {my point exactly}

The past two months I have been seeing a nutritionist and going to barre classes. Recently I started boot camp too once a week plus my cardio days. I will be the first to admit how disappointed I am in myself because I haven't lost any weight and I haven't been eating like I know I should. I can not blame anyone else but myself.  I started my journey over 365 days ago and I would be at my goal if only I stuck to it. If only I would STOP the excuses and just do it. I want to fit into my clothes in my closet that still have tags on it. When my husband sees me for our cruise I want him to be proud of my hard work. I want to wear a bikini and not be ashamed of it.  

I know I am not the only person whose husband is in the military, who works weird hours, who has a child to take care of, has animals to care for, who wants to sleep in, works 2 different jobs, who stresses over little things and so much more. I know so many people out there have it much worse than me and yet doing so much better on this train than I am.


The truth is....

Last weekend, I was trying on old dresses (high school prom dress and such) and I got really down on myself when I couldn't fit into them. I sat in my great room and thought to myself why not? Why can not lose this weight? Why am I working out so hard and nothing is budging on me? Why can I not fit into these dresses? Why am I not happy with myself? The only answer I can think of, because I didn't want it bad enough. I really didn't care. I really just kept putting it off. 

That is until that moment. Until last Friday sitting there, tears in my eyes I knew I had to change something. I sat down at my desk on Saturday and wrote out my meal plan for this week. I made a grocery list. I made a list of which stores I needed to go to to get these said groceries. I printed off my recipes. I paper clipped it all together.  I took it with me to meet my nutritionist. I took it with me grocery shopping. Sunday I cooked what I needed too, I pulled out chicken from the freezer for my meals this week, I packed up my lunch for Monday at work, I put everything into my fitness pal  . I did all these things to help me get on track and stop the excuses. I found my weakness in the process, food. I changed the way I did it before. 

The last two days I have been sticking to my food plan. I can honestly say I feel so much better about this journey. I feel like I can actually achieve my goals. I know it won't be easy. I know it won't be over night. I know I will need to face those parties (Saturday). I know I will spend weekends away from my house. It's in all those moments I need to remember my journey and make healthy choices. 

With all this said, here is to the next 80 days of no excuses and working hard at my goals. I want to look fierce when I turn 25! 

Ready or not.... cheers to the journey 


  1. You got this girl! You know it and so do I!

  2. I want to say WAY TO GO on realizing what you needed to change and doing it. That is the first and most important step in any journey. You are not alone! I am a military wife, although no kids, I have plenty of things that could prevent me from doing what I do daily. Sometimes it does...but you know what? It is OK to fall down and fail or miss something (workout, meal, etc.) the thing that matters most is that you may cry, or have a down day, but that you on't dwell on it, and you start fresh the next chance you get. :) You can and WILL do this girl and you will succeed and rock the heck out of that bathing suit, because in your mind and heart you will know that you didn't give anything less than your absolute best at this. Keep that positive mindset and make sure you keep preparing for anything that might stand in your way. I know from personal experience that is what makes or breaks me. Preparation. For meals, grocery lists, workout bag, routines, you name it; if I have it ready then I give myself no excuse not to succeed that day or week. So that is one thing you have done already that will set you up for success. Please if you need to vent chat talk or whatever, send me a message! I am happy to inspire and motivate others as well as offer a friendly shoulder in time of need :) :) Great post and the best of luck to you in these next months!

    I always remember this quote and I hope it helps you too :) "Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity." ― Seneca
    ~Rachel from Live Learn Lift Repeat