Another Beautiful Weekend: Run || Shopping || Wedding

Being late is better than never showing up right? I know typically I do weekend reviews on Monday but due to a wedding on Sunday (who gets married on a sunday?) I was extremely tired! So Tuesday it is!!

Side note - quick thought: It's July! Is anyone else freaked out by how fast time is going? 

Friday: It's becoming such a good habit to wake up and hit the gym. I always feel 100% better after. I need a new battery too for my polar watch (it died :() This week I am going to work on add some weights to the mix of my running. 

My baby boy Trigger took full advantage of me being home and staying cool. The perks of working at home 3 days a week, my babies get to spend time inside with me. 

Saturday: We had our meeting with the nutritionist. Than we spent the entire day shopping including the mall and costco. Once home we made dinner (pineapple flank steak, salad, broccoli , and some home fries). We even managed to do family dinner at the table. 

Sunday: I spent the day working (closing the month sucks). Than it was time to get ready for the wedding. 

Right before leaving the house. Yes we live on an orange grove.

Dinner was literally on the beach. It was so nice to take my sandals off and put my toes in the sand. 

My best friend (maid of honor) and the Bride

Monday: Since we didn't get home till way late and I still had to get up to be at work by 7am. I went with 2 day old hair/ whatever makeup was left that didn't come off with my makeup remover and some clean clothes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week

Yesterday started my fitness challenge with Skinny Meg. Make sure to go like my fitness page to stay up to date on my progress. 


  1. Love your hair curled like that!

  2. you look beautiful!! Love the curly hair. Did you do it yourself? How did you get it to stay so well?!

  3. You two looked so good for the wedding. Love your hair.

  4. Your pup is sooo precious! Let me know about your Polar. I replaced both batteries and my watch still won't connect to my monitor. I really miss having it for my workouts! Following along and can't wait to read more. :)

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