A Little Bit Of My Week

We made it to another weekend. 
Sometimes I swear I blink and it's the weekend again. Anyone else feel like this? 
My week was busy with a lot of nothing fun really. I have a huge to do list and lots of work to do. Sorry in advance for my lack here on the blog.

My week looked a little like this... 

I made stuff peppers Sunday and we've been eating it all week. It's actually pretty good. I sorta made it up on my own. 

I want to change things in my life. Mostly the foods I eat, my workouts and how I handle stress. Here's to changing up my priorities. 

Made it to the gym Tuesday for the first time in a week. Let me tell you, I can tell I took a week off and it was ugly.

Probably the least amount of miles I've ran in a long time. I really miss running the 3+ miles a day but I just can't seem to get there yet.

Found this new seasoning at Trader Joe's. The hubby is going to give it a try this weekend.

Found this beautiful picture of Miranda and it couldn't be more true. 

Wednesday was exactly 100 days to get my butt into gear before I step food back onto a cruise ship. Here goes all or nothing right?

Wednesday was back at the gym for day 2.. Let me tell you, 2nd day after boot camp was horrible. I was extremely sore which I think plays into the part of not running like I want too

My Cali Mae thinks she needs to go camping apparently..She sure knows how to make a bad day amazing. 
I love her. 

My week went a little something like that. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Catch ya next week:
Monday: Weekend Recap 
Tuesday: Goals 


  1. I am in awe that it's the weekend already. This last week went by so quickly it's ridiculous. AND I had 3 posts set to automatically post because this week was crazy for me, and I get on my blog this morning to check messages and type up my new one that was posted today...and NONE of my posts went up this week. So it made it look like I was gone for a whole week. So angry. lol

    I saw that picture of Miranda Lambert too and was like "THIS IS SO TRUE." I definitely don't want to take the beer and BBQ out of my life but I want that common ground of not feeling bad after that BBQ. haha.

    What are you plans for the weekend?

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. You still got some miles in so that is something. Cali is just too precious!!