Boring Week & Extremely Tired

Happy Friday ya'll! 

It's 4th of July therefore you can catch me laying in the pool in the sun probably with drink in hand. I sure hope you are doing the same.

This week was rough to say the least. I have had this never ending headache and giant amount of stress but none the less here is what it's been like for me. 

My good friend sent me this anchor. How cute is it? She said she was browsing the mall and saw this and instantly thought of me. I swear I have the best friends in the world. 

The one day I did make it to the gym was Tuesday. I ran for 28 minutes straight. That was impressive for me. Considering a month ago I couldn't even run for 5 minutes. I guess it's true, slow and steady and eventually you will be able to do it. Progress slowly. 

This is how I felt Wednesday... 

Thursday was a work at home day and some barre class

Nothing grand I told ya... I just hope I am not this tired next week. 
I hope ya'll have a great 4th! 

I'll catch ya Monday!! 

Happy Weekend! 

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