Hi Ya'll

Hey ya'll!
I know it's been awhile since I've shown face around these parts but to say I've been busy is an understatement. I wish I had the free time I once had but sadly that is not the case and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. 

Whats new with me?

I finally got a new iphone after 3 years. Well it would've been 3 years in November that I've had the iphone 5 and it was just falling apart. Thanks to my sister, I got the 6s. I have unlimited data and I don't want to lose it so she gave me her upgrade! My thoughts, so far so good. It's kinda big for my fat fingers but I suppose I'll get used to it sooner than later. The battery life is amazing, well anything is compared to my 5. 

I got this amazingness in my mouth. If you love pumpkin and you love cookie butter, this is a MUST try. I love ANYTHING pumpkin so I've been buying it all. I will NOT buy any of the ginger bread stuff or egg nog though so I guess it's whatever you like. 

Baby girl was out watching the super moon last night. She's so spoiled. I am hoping we fixed her bladder control issues. So far so good, no accidents. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

Last weekend we did our family pictures that we do every year and for our Christmas cards. I am so excited to see the rest but here at the teasers. Thank you to Jessica at Little Fox Portraits. I seriously love working with the same photographer each year because we get to do the same poses and see how much we've changed in a year. 

Overall, I am just melting away in the San Diego weather. Summer didn't get the memo that it's fall now and I am ready for long sleeves, leggings and boots. One day though than maybe I can get the new fall cup from Starbucks. 

How have you been? 


Blogging For Books: Michael Symon's 5 in 5

Ever since I decided to change the way my family eats, the biggest obstacle has been to find yummy foods. You can usually find me by the books in any store checking out cook books. I am also old school and still love cook books. 

With the holiday season coming this is the perfect book for all those wanting to get back into the kitchen. Michael Symon's 5 in 5 stands for 5 fresh ingredients with 5 minutes of heat time. Who wouldn't love that? Yummy quick recipes. 

When I decided to order this book from blogging for books, I knew I wanted to make a recipe before writing my review.  

I made the penne, broccoli with red pepper flakes and prosciutto. It was super easy and delicious. It was done quickly and even the hubby approved of the dish. 

When I was trying to find a recipe to try, I noticed how Michael broke up the book into sections based on seasons including a whole holiday section that I am excited to try out this holiday season. 

Overall, I will be using this book again in my feature trying to find recipes to try out for the family.  

**I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review**


Simple Friday Letters

Dear Readers, Thanks for hanging around these parts as I just not into blogging. I just feel like blogging isn't what it used to be. I really love meeting other bloggers that I can connect too. Now a days I feel like blogging is all about product reviews and such. With that said, I am going to blog for me and just say what I want to say. I am going to stop trying to be "THAT" blogger. Now, I may not blog every day or every other day but I promise to not leave you too long without any notice. I am hoping I find my motivation again. 

Dear Hubby, I am so excited we are going on our vacation in 14 days. Finally officially after 5 years together we get to vacation just the two of us. This is going to be an epic vacation, at least I hope so. One week just the two of us with no cell service, no distractions and just us. I love you. 

Dear Weight Loss Journey, I have come to the conclusion we are a love/hate relationship. One day I totally love the process and the next I totally hate it with every ounce of me. I am starting to get better to not get too in over my head but sometimes it send my anxiety through the roof. One day at a time right.  

Dear Self, You are getting overwhelmed with everything. Just take a step back and breath. Make your to do list as you love to do and just go down the list to complete the items. I know you got big dreams for many things but sometimes we need to take baby steps to get there just as you do with weight loss. You are doing just fine. Hang in there. 

Dear Garth Brooks Tickets, You go on sale today at 10am and best believe I will be ready to purchase 4 of time to see him for the 3rd time and 2nd time this year! I can't wait. 

Dear Weekend, I am so excited you are here. This weekend is going to busy full of soccer, cleaning, laundry, and family pictures! I can't wait. I love this time of year and all the wonderful moments we get to capture plus that means Christmas Card time is coming! 

Dear Everyone, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. I truly try to write everyone back. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend! 


Remember To Be Thankful

Happy Tuesday ya'll! 
How was your holiday weekend?

I am just popping in today to say hello & remind you to be Thankful. 

Friday was really rough as we lost my cat, Tiger. He was in emergency surgery for 2 hours and there was nothing the vet could do to save him, I ended up having to make the decision to put him down. I am thankful I am able to bury him in the yard and plant an avocado tree over him in his memory. 

The weekend was spent with family in the pool and enjoying them. 
Now it's back to the grind and only a few weeks left until my vacation. I am hoping to be back tomorrow.  

Hope ya'll have a great Tuesday! 


Friday Letters

Dear Friday, I feel like this week went so slow. I am so ready for you to be here and just take a mental break. A break to recoup everything and get my mind on straight. 

Dear Hubby, I am so excited that you are close to being home. I can't wait to see you and for you to be back. Also, that means I get a friend to hang out with and bug when I can't sleep and thinking of 100000 things to do. Not to forget, the never ending to do list needs some help. I love you! Thank you for my beautiful flowers too. 

Dear ProFlowers, You suck! I can't believe you said my flowers would be delivered Monday and with no email or phone call they never showed up. All you offered me was 10% off and some other flowers. They were ok but not nearly as pretty as the ones hubby picked out. Maybe I will just stick to Trader Joe's flowers. 

Dear Blog, I am so excited that I went 5 for 5 this week on posting. I know this post is late but bare with me as Thursdays are very busy. I leave the house at 6:15am and don't get home until about 7:15am than we do hw with the little, make dinner, shower and by than I am so tired I just fall into bed. 

Dear Vacation, You are almost here. I am so excited for you even though my weight loss journey is an epic fail. But that is ok because I have made big progress in the gym and I think that is all that matters. I can always refocus when I get home and start strong. 

Dear Bed Bath & Beyond. You are dangerous. I am trying to order this bed set that I fell in love with. I love all things anchors. I can't wait. 

Dear Weekend, I am going to spend you cleaning, doing laundry and hopefully getting the car wash. I have so much to do on the to do list and I fell like no time to do it. I guess I should just start somewhere and start crossing it off. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for being so supportive last month when I took the month off. I am not sure I am truly ready to be back 100% as I feel like blogging just isn't what it used to be but I am excited to have my little space and say what I need too. I am also hoping to share more of what is happening day to day vs trying to come up with ideas. Hope that makes sense. I want you all have a safe and wonderful labor day weekend! Enjoy the time and take your mental break as well, we all deserve it! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 


Currently In September

Totally stole this picture from Kelly from Love, Kelly Lorene . Thank you Kelly for letting me steal it even though you didn't know I was stealing it. 

I can't believe we are in September. Just in case anyone was wondering 112 days until Christmas. Let that sink in for a moment. That means we have 112 days to get our shit together and our budget to get Christmas shopping done. I can't believe how fast it's all going. 

Once again I am linking up with Anne and Jenna for Currently in September, feel free to link up too! 

Reading: I am still trying to find the time to finish Taya Kyle's Book American Wife but I can say that I did read it while at soccer practice with the little one this week and it reminded me why I bought it. I love it. Chris reminds me so much of my husband and it's so amazing to be reading something from the wife point of view. I can relate 1000% on how she feels when he deployed, being gone often, not answering the text message throughout the day, and working long hours. I am hoping to pick up some other books too. 

Making: The guest room. The sister moved out so now I officially have a guest room. I am trying to pick out bedding and make it a nice little space for guest when I do get them. Also, making the house less cluttered. I can't wait to go through all my stuff and get rid of stuff. 

Pinning: Anything healthy. I am trying to get my food back on track but it's been a lot harder than I thought. Any good recipes I need to try? I need some good lunch ideas also. 

Loving: It's September. The hubby should be home this month and we are 29 days until our vacation together. It's the first time in 5 years we have gone on a vacation just the two of us. I can't wait! 

Anticipating: Our vacation next month, turning 26 and our 3rd wedding anniversary. It's crazy how fast it has all gone. We have some big things happening for us in the next year and I am super excited to share them with the hubsters. 

What is currently going on with you?


Summer Recap

I am officially saying Goodbye to summer because I am so ready for fall.
I want the cooler weather, the pumpkin flavor everything, boots, scarves and actually wearing some clothes not just bathing suits. 

On the other side of that, I would say summer was a pretty good one. Not one for the record books and it will never out do #summer2010 which happens to be the summer I met the hubby but it was a good one. 

Let's Recap

This little beauty turned 21 in June and we spent a few nights in Vegas celebrating. 

On that same Vegas trip, I got a phone call that my baby boy had stopped eating and wasn't looking too hot. He just had surgery before I left and I wasn't ready to put him down. I can proudly say he's back to playing and running around the house. 

I spent 2 days a week in the gym. I love being able to go in there and just forget about everything. It's almost my one anniversary with Smash and I want to start to actually keep track of my workouts and progress. I want the next year to be the best one yet with Smash. 

Also, check out my trainers wifey Arkitty , she just started her emPOWERment challenge. It's so awesome because she builds your workouts, your numbers and more just for you to be in her challenge. She also, just started a youtube channel where she will be there to guide you in your journey. I would highly recommend her. She is amazing and actually has helped me so much. 

I also had a really good friend come to visit from Virginia for a few days. It was great to see her and catch up.  We also happened to crash my step mom's house to use her pool & drink her beer. 


I changed my hair for the first time in years. I finally colored it and went shorter. I loved it and I can't wait to go back to get it trim again. 

We spent 4th of July at my aunt's house than came home to eat dinner and hang out. We watched the fireworks on tv and there was no better way I would've rather spent the day. 

We finally got to go to a Padres game and with my best friend who is officially engaged now. I was dying to go all season. So I guess one is better than none. Next year, I want to catch at least two. 

We got to go on family walk/runs together. Princess loved her time with Daddy running since I don't run fast enough for her. Sometime dates don't have to cost anything. 

August I was able to go back to Minnesota for a few days to see family. I also than spent the next two weeks on vacation mode. 

Overall summer went by super fast but I enjoyed it. I am ready for fall and making fall plans, dates, and a fall bucket list. 

How was your summer?


September Goals

Watch out Blog land.. I am 2 for 2 here on posting already! 

Here we are in September already.. I swear we were just celebrating Christmas 2014 and I was opening all my amazing presents. Now here I am trying to plan for Christmas 2015. I need to order new stockings & enjoy fall (my favorite season) with my family!  It's crazy how fast time is flying. 

August goals I think were all epic fails. So with that said, I am going to get a mulligan and start over in September. 

September Goals:

1// No More Soda: I see this as a reoccurring problem. I do so well for a month or so than bam the Dr. Pepper addiction comes back in full force. 

2// Work out at least 30 minutes each day: I need to get my workouts in again. I need at least 30 minutes each day but I would love to spend more than that. I would love to drop some pounds. i am going to focus on 10 pounds at a time vs. the entire process 

3// Family pictures: I need to plan out our family pictures and figure out what kind of pictures I want this year. You know that Christmas planning comes with Christmas Cards  

4// Try to remember I have a Twitter: It's so hard to remember to use my twitter. I am just not a fan. Maybe I will just get rid of it if I don't use it much? Is that wrong?

5// Enjoy the fact that Hubby is coming home: Missing him more & more each day. Hopefully we can go on a date too. 

6// Work: Since I am gone for a week next Month I need to make sure I get most of my work done this month so it doesn't roll over into October and I can relax on vacation! 

What are your goals for September?