September Goals

Watch out Blog land.. I am 2 for 2 here on posting already! 

Here we are in September already.. I swear we were just celebrating Christmas 2014 and I was opening all my amazing presents. Now here I am trying to plan for Christmas 2015. I need to order new stockings & enjoy fall (my favorite season) with my family!  It's crazy how fast time is flying. 

August goals I think were all epic fails. So with that said, I am going to get a mulligan and start over in September. 

September Goals:

1// No More Soda: I see this as a reoccurring problem. I do so well for a month or so than bam the Dr. Pepper addiction comes back in full force. 

2// Work out at least 30 minutes each day: I need to get my workouts in again. I need at least 30 minutes each day but I would love to spend more than that. I would love to drop some pounds. i am going to focus on 10 pounds at a time vs. the entire process 

3// Family pictures: I need to plan out our family pictures and figure out what kind of pictures I want this year. You know that Christmas planning comes with Christmas Cards  

4// Try to remember I have a Twitter: It's so hard to remember to use my twitter. I am just not a fan. Maybe I will just get rid of it if I don't use it much? Is that wrong?

5// Enjoy the fact that Hubby is coming home: Missing him more & more each day. Hopefully we can go on a date too. 

6// Work: Since I am gone for a week next Month I need to make sure I get most of my work done this month so it doesn't roll over into October and I can relax on vacation! 

What are your goals for September? 


Roar Loud said...

Twitter can be challenging, once I started using Hootsuite to schedule some tweets it got more manageable! Roar!

Katy {AShadeOfTeal} said...

No more soda!?!? That should also be at the top of my list but I'm not strong enough! Good luck!

Mistle Petrey said...

I feel you on the Dr. Pepper addiction! I used to drink Dr. Pepper all the time but over the last year I have reduced how much soda I drink. Once you don't drink them as much, you can tell the difference. I've been trying to stick to my goal of working out at least 3x's a week. There are days when I don't want to go to the gym, so I just do some workouts I have found on youtube. I need to get a Twitter account but have failed to do so at this time. Good luck with accomplishing your goals this month!

Courtney@PancakesandSparkles said...

I too need to stop drinking soda or at least cut back on the amount I drink. I am terrible about drinking water but I seem to be good at drinking soda and wine so maybe I should switch them around ha! Don't think I am that strong though!

Tammy Greene said...

Diet Pepsi is my addiction. I totally hear ya on that one. I tend to forget about Twitter too. Facebook and Pinterest are so much more fun :)

Angelique Jurd said...

Thanks for sharing your goals - I've just done a similar post *giggle*. Twitter can be overwhelming - I set times that I check it and use it or I'd never get anything else done. I hope you do get to have your date with hubby too :)

Danielle said...

Great goals, especially the working out one. I need to get back into working out too, so I totally feel you on that one. Thanks for sharing!

Fal's Gold said...

2 for 2!? You go girlfriend! I love reading others goals. You can do it! Also, a months vacation!? What!? I need to do whatever YOU'RE doing!

Ashley said...

I rarely drink soda but when I do I am like you I just want it all!!