Hi Ya'll

Hey ya'll!
I know it's been awhile since I've shown face around these parts but to say I've been busy is an understatement. I wish I had the free time I once had but sadly that is not the case and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. 

Whats new with me?

I finally got a new iphone after 3 years. Well it would've been 3 years in November that I've had the iphone 5 and it was just falling apart. Thanks to my sister, I got the 6s. I have unlimited data and I don't want to lose it so she gave me her upgrade! My thoughts, so far so good. It's kinda big for my fat fingers but I suppose I'll get used to it sooner than later. The battery life is amazing, well anything is compared to my 5. 

I got this amazingness in my mouth. If you love pumpkin and you love cookie butter, this is a MUST try. I love ANYTHING pumpkin so I've been buying it all. I will NOT buy any of the ginger bread stuff or egg nog though so I guess it's whatever you like. 

Baby girl was out watching the super moon last night. She's so spoiled. I am hoping we fixed her bladder control issues. So far so good, no accidents. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 

Last weekend we did our family pictures that we do every year and for our Christmas cards. I am so excited to see the rest but here at the teasers. Thank you to Jessica at Little Fox Portraits. I seriously love working with the same photographer each year because we get to do the same poses and see how much we've changed in a year. 

Overall, I am just melting away in the San Diego weather. Summer didn't get the memo that it's fall now and I am ready for long sleeves, leggings and boots. One day though than maybe I can get the new fall cup from Starbucks. 

How have you been? 


  1. I so want the new iPhone! I've had my 5 for 2 years and the battery life is terrible. It shuts off completely around 20-30% and I have to charge it every 8 hours or so. When we were in NYC, I couldn't use it AT ALL if I wanted it to last until dinnertime. BUT, I heard that the cameras are 2x the MP, so the photos take up 2x the space and they recommend you get the 64GB or the 128GB. I have AT&T and they only have the 16GBs right now. :-(

    The pictures look amazing! Glad you blogged again!

  2. That iphone was beautiful! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful!!

  4. I NEED to try that pumpkin spice cookie butter!!!!

  5. That new iPhone is beautiful! I just upgraded to the 6 and then these beauties came out! That happens to me every single time. That pumpkin cookie butter sounds amazing!! And I love those photos! So beautiful!

  6. Hi Jessica!,

    I just found your blog through Lindsay at "Not a Mom" and now can't wait to follow along! Love the Christmas portraits!! =]


  7. Your pictures are awesome! You're going to have some great Christmas cards this year. I haven't tried cookie butter yet because I'm afraid if I did, I would be able to stop eating it ;)

  8. I LOVE PUMPKIN!!!! I wish I could eat that pumpkin cookie butter! I say we petition for a gluten free pumpkin cookie butter!!! YUMMMMM!

  9. I just got the pumpkin cookie butter today...AMAZING!