Friday Letters

Dear Life, At any moment these days, can you please slow down a bit? I am so overwhelmed with how much I need to do and the reality of doing it all in a timely manner. I sound so professional don't I? Dear Alex, I love you. Thank you for my sweet notes this week on the mirror. They truly do make getting up that much easier. Excited to spend the weekend with you even though I am not sure exactly what we are doing besides more meal planning. Dear Weight loss, We have a very mean cycle, can we please go back to being friends? I felt like I was doing so good than bam - it went all down hill. I have 110 days to get it together. Dear Cy, That means you have 112 days until you are 21... Can you believe that? It's going by fast all too fast. Dear Next Month, I am planning on focusing on you. If I can do some big changes in that month than things will move forward. Let's hope I can do this. Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments and always coming back. Sorry today's post wasn't that interesting but reality is life is crazy and I need to get back to it before I have no hair left. 

Happy Friday ya'll! 


3 Things I Am Giving Up

While I am not super religious. I thought it would be awesome to give something up for Lent this year. I mean it is only 40 days and they say once you do something for 21 it becomes a habit. 

I started thinking what I wanted to give up this year. Immediately came up going out to eat. This includes all friend's lunches and dinners when I get lazy. If I ain't cooking it - I ain't eating it for 40 days. Also, I think this will help save some money in the bank too. 

So I went to sleep on that Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday and thought maybe I will give up a few more things for lent. 

I want to say goodbye to soda. It is only 40 days and I feel like if I do it for this than I can kick the habit for good. 

Than I started to think what other addictions do I have that I could kick for 40 days.. you guessed it. Starbucks! I will no longer be getting Starbucks either. Just think how much money am I going to save over the next 40 days kicking these small 3 things? 

So even though I am not religious and I want to make it a habit but I need some pushing, I will be giving up 

Going Out To Eat 

for the next 40 days!

Are you giving anything up for Lent?


Long Over Due Family Pictures

I am a bit late for sharing these pictures. I try to take family pictures once a year and last year we did it the weekend before Alex left for 3 months. August 31 to be exact. It also happens to be 2 weeks before I started at my current gym and it amazes me to see the difference in me from than to now. I can't wait to see what this year pictures will look like and compare.  

This was Thanksgiving day 2014 on the left and Family pictures August 31,2014 on the right. 

but this isn't a transformation post - this is a family picture post. So a HUGE thank you to Hey Jessie Phtoography for always capturing such amazing pictures. Jessica is always such a blessing to work with and so very understanding. If you are in the San Diego area and want pictures, I suggest you contact her. 

one of my favorites from the day

The whole family together

Proud Navy Wifey & the sister is a proud future navy wifey 

and of course since we do this photo every year here is the 2014 one

What is your family traditions?


Love Weekend

I am one lucky lady this weekend. The husband had a 4 day weekend which means lots of time together and lots of getting things done off the to do list. 

Friday I worked a bit. Than we left to do some errands that needed to get done. We returned his v-day gift and got him what he really wanted and we exchanged v-day cards early. Husband is so funny he forgot to write in my card. We went and had lunch at Chik Fila. Lastly, finally got to see American Sniper.

Saturday I did some more work at home while Husband and E-man went to baseball. My sister is so thoughtful and got us a present. She knows how much I love my sticky notes and bows. 


Later in the day, the FedEx guy dropped off these beautiful flowers and chocolates. (he also happened to drop off my sister's from her fiance) 

We had planned on pork chops, cauliflower fried rice and broccoli but hubby wasn't feeling it. Than sister took E-man on a date so we decided to order a pizza and wings & things. I was disappointed in the thin crest from Papa John's. 

Hubby got home with a surprise for me. A pandora princess crown to add to my bracelet. 

Sunday: Sister and I went got our nails done. First time I have gone since December. Went to the mall with my aunt and hubby met us down there since we both forgot our phones and went grocery shopping for the week. 

Happy Monday ya'll! Hope you have the day off and had an even better Valentine's day weekend!


Happy Birthday Hubby

I still need to share my family pictures with ya'll 

Dear Alex, 

Thank you. Thank you for working your ass off every single day to give me everything under the sun that I could possible want and more. I don't think I could ever say it enough. 

5 years ago we met by fate, well more like by P.O.F and a few text messages, but that is not here nor there. I left that day and knew in my heart I was going to marry you. It was something about that sparkle in your eye and the way you looked at me that I knew we had something special. I knew we had something that I would never have with anyone else and I was determine to make you my husband. 

Fast forward 5 years and here we are. I am not saying the last 5 years have been easy, Lord knows they have not. In the last years we have grown up and grown together. We were babies, only 20 and now you are about to turn 25 and have come such a far way in your career and your life. I could not be more proud to call you my husband and my best friend. 

In the next 50+ years I am excited to watch you grow even more and your career unfold the way you want it too. I know things won't be easy but when those times become tough remember we are there for each other. We will be there to lean on each other, hug each other and make the best of it all.   

Happy 25th birthday hubby! 

I love you.  



Hello February

Wow! Hello February... When did you decide to show up so fast? Oh probably for all those people living in the snowy states. I wish it would rain a bit more here in San Diego - We need it so bad. 

Do ya'll set goals for the month? I am going to set a few that I think are attainable. 

*Keep up with the C25K program. 
*Track all food 
*Organize my desk (even if this means throwing papers out) 
*Go on two date nights 
*Hike at least twice 
*Continue to budget and save money 
*#debtfree2015 continues 
*Swap at least 2 buttons 
*plan and schedule post more 
*drink at least 3 liters of water a day 
*stay on top of work for less stress 

I think that is enough for the month of February. What do you have for yourself this month?


Better Late Than Never

Better late than never right?
I seem to be a slacker when it comes to this blog. I like to write my blog but sadly it is the first thing I kick to the curb when real life starts to happen.


Like Friday for instance, I planned a post in my head all night than when I woke up I just didn't bother to turn on my computer. I am not even sure what we did but it wasn't much considering we were in bed early. 

Saturday we took the little fur child to get brushed out. Thank you to Petco for charging me "Large/giant" for my baby girl. She is 40lbs and no where near large or giant size dog but whatever.  Next time she goes back I will make sure to not get the same lady minus the fact she was rude. After we dropped her off we went grocery shopping at Trader Joes, Costco, Stater Bros, GNC, and than Vons. 

Lunches for the high carb days : Mex to Go

 Once we were home we had plans to go see American Sniper but instead I ended up in the kitchen ALL night cooking up foods for this week. 

I did start Week 2 of C25K - make sure to follow along

Sunday we lounged around the house than headed to my aunts for a super bowl party. 

Overall the weekend was the weekend and they seem to go by way too fast for me.