Friday Letters

Dear Life, At any moment these days, can you please slow down a bit? I am so overwhelmed with how much I need to do and the reality of doing it all in a timely manner. I sound so professional don't I? Dear Alex, I love you. Thank you for my sweet notes this week on the mirror. They truly do make getting up that much easier. Excited to spend the weekend with you even though I am not sure exactly what we are doing besides more meal planning. Dear Weight loss, We have a very mean cycle, can we please go back to being friends? I felt like I was doing so good than bam - it went all down hill. I have 110 days to get it together. Dear Cy, That means you have 112 days until you are 21... Can you believe that? It's going by fast all too fast. Dear Next Month, I am planning on focusing on you. If I can do some big changes in that month than things will move forward. Let's hope I can do this. Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments and always coming back. Sorry today's post wasn't that interesting but reality is life is crazy and I need to get back to it before I have no hair left. 

Happy Friday ya'll! 

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