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hello bloggies, anyone still around this around? I know it's been awhile since I've shown my face around these parts. Honestly life gets crazy and this is the first thing I kick to the curb. I am going to try to make this month a bit different. Here is what's been happening around my home 

This has been my go to breakfast lately. I am in love with it. I call it fiesta eggs (150g of egg whites mixed with 5 layer dip  and grilled onions), 40g of oatmeal mixed with some fruit (blueberries & strawberries) and 1 piece of cinnamon Ezekiel bread with Peanut butter.  

This is how I have been feeling lately. Send me to the lonely bin sooner than later right?

Friday nothing to great happened besides the hubby and sister's fiance tried to burn the house down.

I made pizza on my flat out bread. It was pretty good besides the face that I can't eat a whole one even though I always a count for it. 

Saturday we were up bright and early because baby sister took a big step into adult hood. She bought her very first car all on her own.

apparently the hubster wasn't nearly as excited as we were. 

Inside her beautiful new car. She got a fully loaded white 2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ

and I noticed my beautiful roses from the hubster opened up some more. I could help but take another picture

Sunday was March 1st. Hello March, welcome. I hope you are more amazing than the last two months and we reach even more goals this month. 

and per usual we did our weekly grocery shopping on Sunday. We went to trader joes, sprouts,vons  and costco. I try to get a variety of food to eat through out the week because sometimes I get super bored. 

Those power crunch bars are to die for.. you should really try one. No the bagels aren't for me, it's for the little one and the tub of cream cheese I am trying to get rid of. 

I finally found some triple zero greek yogurt but couldn't find the whips. Maybe next week i will have better luck. I can't be too disappointed though because monsters were on sale 3/ $5 

That's what my weekend consisted of. Plus the usual cleaning, laundry and trying to figure out what to eat during the week. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Look at how productive you were! Go you! We moved stuff and worked. But that has really been my week. We went bulk grocery shopping a week or so ago and still have a ton of it left because we keep eating out while we are moving Joyce's stuff. But you would be so proud of me! I have typically been ordering salads when we go out, even if it's not what I want AT ALL, lol