Lots of Fun Weekend

Happy Monday ya'll! It's the start of a new week and I am determine to make better choices than last week. Whose with me on that? We are our own worse enemy.

Weekends always go by so fast and I got word the hubby might be leaving Tuesday for a mini debt. So it was bittersweet weekend for us. We shall know more later this afternoon. Therefore though my weekend started Thursday since I said no to working on Friday. I love being able to say no and picking and choosing when to work. 

Thursday it was the usual off to my trainer for upper body day. I am not sure what I love more upper or lower either way its working now just to get my food on point and do the extra workouts at home. 

Than it was off to sushi for date night. The hubby loves sushi so much that we spend less than 30 minutes in the restaurant eating. It took us longer to drive there than it did to eat. 

Friday morning we slept in a bit than it was up and ready to tackle the day. We had a day planned of errands and getting last minute things for the hubby before he leaves. Since his baby girl was in a mood he decided to give her a new toy. Friday night my aunt & grandma from Minnesota was in town so we spent the afternoon with them.

Saturday was a full day of baseball. We had pictures in the morning and than a game. I am so excited E man is on the padres this year. I finally have some outfits to wear to the game.

It was so hot that afterwords we all came home and took a 3 hour nap. Than we decided to go to the Asian restaurant for dinner and watch a movie at home. I couldn't eat any more food. 

I also got a new GPS watch. Hopefully I continue to use it. We ordered me the heart rate monitor band too with it. It says it will track my runs inside as well so we shall see. I love the color of it. 

Sunday was our usual costco and trader joes run for the week. We bought this new cookbook and I am absolutely in love with it. I can't wait to try them out. I am thinking of going paleo for at least 30 days and maybe blogging about each day. We shall see how it goes and what we truly decide. 

Anyone paleo? Tips?Advice? 

I did my usual cleaning too and decided that I should show you all that my hubby and I write notes to each other on our bathroom mirror throughout the week. I love waking up to them. I clean them up every Sunday so we start over. It's the small things that count right?

Well my weekend went by too fast as usual and I am ready for the week to start. Hopefully it's a good week.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Bahaha, I can't make out many words, but I do see multiple "sugar tits" and a "boobeys". :-))