Dear Bar Tender

Dear Bar Tenders at MoonShine Flatts, San Diego,

I recently was in your bar and thought it was a San Diego country bar to it's finest right in the heart of Gas Lamp. Some of the traffic through there was interesting to say the least, but I don't judge on what people want to wear out.

I, however, will judge on your service. Now that I am a bit more wiser with my tipping, experience in bar hopping and what I expect as a person who is willing to spend my hard earned money there. Now, with all that said, the service from all of you was well below what I expected, it was downright awful. For the sake of country, it's a country bar. The least you could do is wear a smile and laugh a little. I understand bar tending is stressful but doesn't mean you should take it out on your customers who are there to have a good time.  

Next, just because you are a male bar tender and you want a tip, I suggest you not skimp out or be rude to the males buying alcoholic drinks either for themselves or they could be buying it for the ladies you wanted to help. The same goes to ladies wanting to pour a drink for only males. 

Also, when the driver ask for a glass of water, maybe a straw with that drink would be helpful. When was the last time you drank out of a glass without a straw while you were out? I understand you rather pour a drink because you think it'll make you more money than water, but did it ever cross your mind that I could be the wife of one of the men in here that could leave you a tip. If you take care of me, I promise you we'll take care of you.

Before you go off the deep end, when we order a fire ball shot, I suggest you give me fireball! I didn't ask for the knock off or the "well" drink, I thought I spoke clearly when I said fireball shot please. I would gladly pay the $14 for real fireball, not for the knock off. 

Now, if you forget about the service, overall it's a fun place to be. The music is awesome and the dance floor is great. San Diego needed a fun country bar in the heart of Gas Lamp. We might return in the future if it's still around but I don't have any desire to return anytime soon. 

Lastly, yes sir bar tender I did leave you a $4 tip on a $51 bill because I believe that is what you deserved with the way you treated us. I would of left you more if you deserved more but your attitude towards my husband and his friend was down right horrible. We ordered a vodka/soda, I really didn't think it was rocket science. His friend ordered a PBR and it took you forever to even get it to him. I sure hope you did a better job taking care of the other customers than you did to us that night. 

Please take this as critical criticism to improve your business and therefore would improve your tips.   

The costumer who tips based on service


  1. Some bars just have the worst service and they think because people are just getting drunk they won't care - but I always notice more when the service is awful after I have been drinking! And I am way more likely to leave a tiny tip when I have a few drinks in me rather than a nice one.

  2. That's no good that you had such bad service. I have definitely gone and complained to a manager with a situation like this and sometimes it improves.

  3. I was at ladies night a few weeks back & we had a DD and I didn't think it was too much to ask that the DD get a free Mt. Dew but apparently the bartender looked at me like I grew another head.

  4. some bars do have the worst service. I have been in that situation and i'm glad you wrote this and did a review on them. Maybe that'll bring their attention and fix their shit!!!

  5. I seriously tip people based on how they act when I want a glass of water. It says a lot!