Happy Friday Ya'll

We made it to yet another Friday! I am super excited about that considering this was an extremely rough week. 

Anyone ever experience a week that you start to wonder if you will even survive it and if so where in the world does your strength come from? That is me this week. If anything could go wrong, it went wrong! The bright side of things is I made it through my workouts with my trainer and even got out of bed to do a few things at home. 

High Five for Friday!

This guy: I swear I have the most human dog in the world. He must sleep on pillows and don't wake him otherwise he is grumpy. 

Thank you IIFYM. I was able to eat some ice cream and some keebler coconut cookies. Want to know what else I have been eating? Add me on My Fitness Pal here  or follow me on insta - I have been posting more food pictures as this journey continues. 

As said above, my insta food has been getting more on point. This is homemade fish tacos with Mahi Mahi. It is my favorite food in the world, when I make it again I'll make sure to share the recipe. 

my two old boys sharing a bed together because the other 4 beds weren't close enough. They sure are silly. Update: Bandit is doing much better now that we have him on thyroid pills.

We had to break out the crate again. Ms. Princess decided to chew a nice hole in the couch and I am not okay with that. Nor do I trust her outside with the boys so back to crating until I feel like I can trust her again in the house. 

Don't forget Jasmine and I crated a meet & greet facebook group to meet others and form new friendships.  Feel free to leave a comment or email us to be added, we'd love to have you!! 

Happy Friday ya'll!


Jasmine Maria said...

the fish tacos look delicious!!!! Too bad she chewed a hole on the couch. Thats one thing I'm so happy my dog never did, he only chewed on my undies and shoes. ERRRR!! lol

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

My dog is like that with pillows too. I call her a "first world dog" because she only sleeps if there is something to put her head on.

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe, i feel that my pup Harlee is exactly the same way. she doesn't use pillows, but puts her head on our butts when she sleeps on our bed some nights. :)

Mona Elissa said...