Weekend Fun + Lots Of Pictures

Hey Tuesday! Nice to see ya here and moving right along. I know I should of posted my weekend fun yesterday but I was so busy that I just decided to do 
it today. The best part of being the words/face behind the blog is I get to decide when to post. 

It's my oh damn it's Tuesday face already...Monday was a busy day. Work, gym, baseball, and more. Also I am still catching up on sleep after the time change, I feel like the days just fly by now. 


Let's chat weekend

Friday: Bandit started thyroid pills. As long as he doesn't have cancer and or another life threatening illness we should be good to go for a few more years with him. I changed up his diet too. Let's watch the fat melt off him now.

Saturday: It was a breathe of fresh air. The boys went out to the desert to meet my dad. That gave sister and I a day of no responsibilities. We lived up to it too.

We left the house around 10 am to go by the coffee truck, than it was off to massages and shopping. Did I shop? I don't think I need anymore clothes probably until Christmas. I did find some jeans though that go over my booty and fit the waist finally..

and you see those nasty teal nails.. I finally got them fixed. They are now hot pink!

Sunday: I was up super early. Hubby slept in because he wasn't home until late. It was grocery shopping day, we hit our usual Trader Joe's & Costco.

We were home all before 10am! Which is record timing for us because normally it's an all day event. I am not really sure what I am going to eat this week but I do know fish tacos will be made again.

Also because it was Sunday and the time changed, I thought it should be celebrated. I drank that Cran-Rita and took a 2 hour nap. I would call it a successful Sunday.

 I managed to get my fish oil and mutli ready for the week too! Sometimes it's the simple things that matter to make it that much easier. Also, I get excited when I open like Friday because I know the weekend is here. 

This is Simba's new favorite spot to sleep. He is high enough away from Cali trying to eat him and he just hangs out. 

There was my busy weekend. I hate how fast they go but I am ready to make this week awesome! 

How was your weekend?

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