Happy New Years!

Love this little guy. 

I just wanted to check in & let you all know I am alive still. 
My baby sister came to visit on Christmas Eve, we've had family pictures, we celebrated Christmas, and we've been enjoying our time together away from social media. 

With that said,


I will  be back in 2014 & ready to blog. 

Be safe! 


Birthday Fun

His birthday came & went.

We went to my Aunt's house for dinner & cake and we even visited Santa. 
Here are ALL the pictures I got of him. 

Happy Birthday Big Guy! 

I tell him to smile & this is what I get...

He got his robot he's been wanting for MONTHS! 

Otherwise I spent my weekend very low key. 

How was your weekend?
Happy Monday! 


Happy Birthday Eli

Happy Birthday to Eli! 

Today marks your 6th Birthday.. 
I can't believe a whole year has past.

This year has been nothing short of some amazing accomplishments.
You graduated preschool top of your class
Now you are a BIG kindergarten learning another language.  
Never to forget you are still a bullet from the gun. 
You are growing so fast and becoming your own person with an amazing personality. 

Today is a day all for you
We are going to celebrate and have some fun
We got lots of toys and cars and planes to play with
Can't forget we will go visit Santa  

For your 6th year of Life
I hope to watch you grow and achieve many things in school. You are learning so much Spanish and making lots of new friends. Never stop loving school and learning many new things 
I can't wait to watch you play teeball again, loved watching soccer and Dad is trying to get you into basketball. 
You love riding your quad at the desert and running around. 
I love your hugs and every morning you saying I love you. 

Here is to the next year of achievement. 
I promise to start including you a bit more on here. 

Stay Sweet
Keep giving hugs
Never stop believing in yourself. 

My prayer for you into the next year

Here is to your 6th year of life
I promise to love you each day.
Guide you the best as I can. 
Cherish all the moments. 
Be there for you through it all. 
I want nothing but the best for you.

Happy Birthday Big Eli!

I love you.

Love always,
Your mommy


Stop Three: St. Maarten

How I miss this cruise so very much.. 
I am ready to go back 
[come on October 2014]

The third stop was my 2nd favorite place 
St. Maarten or St. Martin 
{i never figured out why they spell it so many different ways} 

We were lucky enough to be in port with the Oasis of the Sea by Royal Caribbean 
it is HUGE.. I will probably NEVER be on that ship. 
Way too many people - we met a couple that said it holds around 6,000 people & you have be on a list for EVERYTHING. Sounds like a giant headache! 

None the less it was a beautiful Ship

Like every morning of the cruise, we ate breakfast, had a mimosa & off we went. 

Our mission - get to Sunset Bar to watch the planes fly in 

Princess Juliana airport is on the top 10 most dangerous airports to fly into 

It's true. People can stand on the beach while the plane flys just above your heads to land. 
True Story: When I first saw deadliest airports a LONG time ago on the Discovery channel , I told myself I wanted to come here to experience it & I now can cross this off my bucket list. 

When flights take off they call it riding the fence. 

After we experienced the bar - it was shopping time! 

Being as I am half Guyanese and St. Marteen is half Trinidad/Guyanese people I felt like I fit right in. 
The curry at Barefoot Restaurant is truly homemade. 
It hit the spot without my mom having to make it. I was in heaven! 

Just as the doctor ordered.. It was drinks & in the water we go! Crystal clear blue warm water. 
Not to forget that I bought my bow matching Tiffany earrings tax free to match my necklace Alex got me for my birthday/anniversary!

While my aunt & I played in the water, the boys decided it was time to go drunk segway driving 

 After the fun it was time to head back to our ship

On the water taxi
They even let you drink your beer

As we pulled out of St. Maarten

Love Alex's shirt? He loves it. 

Next Stop: St. Thomas our last stop of the crusie

Have you been to the islands before? 
Favorite part?


So What! Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

So What If

...I took Monday off blogging. I truly had all intentions of making a great post than bam that went right out the window. 

...I sorta threw a post together yesterday. I thought about skipping it all together but than I thought I would say hello. 

...I honestly have no idea what to blog about. Ideas anyone? I love so many blog post but when it comes to my own, I don't know what to write about. I am not a DIYer, I am not a cook, I don't own any fancy camera, truth be told, my life is kinda lame. 

...I am ready for a few weeks off work.

...I kinda got upset when i was told I will have to work the day after Christmas at the preschool

...I am all done Christmas shopping but now I want to shop for myself 

...I am super excited for my sister to come visit. Probably more excited for that than Christmas in itself. 

...I am extremely disappointed in myself for letting myself gain this much weight that my jeans don't fit. I am working on it though. 

...Today is Wednesday & I am ready for Friday! 


Happy Wednesday


Oh Tuesday!! Go Home Your Drunk

Soooooooooo excited for Tuesday! I can hardly stand it!!

Life is a funny thing.. It sure is crazy & does not like to give breaks. So with that said I am over here on the computer trying to close the month out so I can enjoy the Holiday's with the family!

Also, come January I am hoping to have this blog thing down with some routine & a lot more exciting post & possible a make over to start the new year!

Back to work I go..

Happy Tuesday
September 24, 2013 Tuesday. I don't know why but this cracked me up.


Friday Letters

Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you. Here is to a weekend of staying in and enjoying family time. I honestly just have cleaning planned. That is after I spend the day shopping so i can finish wrapping Christmas presents. 

Dear School, Thank you for ending. You were starting to become a drag and I dreaded you each Monday. I am so glad I never have to step foot again into a classroom as a student. I passed the class with a B+

Dear Alex, Thank you for the support through school. We can now celebrate this weekend. I love you. ps. Happy 14 month Anniversary

Dear Cynthia, You will be back in Cali in 11 days. I can't wait to see your beautiful smiling face. 

Dear Work, Next friday is the last day for a 2 week break! I can't wait but I do know I have a lot to do before than & praying I get it done in a timely manner

Dear Christmas Wish List, I hope I get some things off you. I know I want alot of things and I know I shouldn't be getting anything as I have a beautiful Rafiki but I do love presents. 

Dear Weightloss, We will meet again now that school stress is over and I can focus on you. Life has been crazy lately & we broke up but we will get back together. 

Dear Bank Account, I am sorry to be spending all of you this Christmas but I promise to rebuild you. 

Dear Friends, Thank you for all the sweet comments on my post. If I did not answer your comment it is most likely because you are set up as a no reply blogger please fix so I can answer future comments. 

Have a fabulous weekend


Stop Two: Puerto Rico

Take me back... 
I want to go back to the Caribbean 
After Grand Turk visit I had high hopes for the rest of the cruise

Next Stop: Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is known for their tree frogs in the rain forest. Sadly we went there when we were under the government shut down therefore the rain forest was closed!

Alex was up too early from me bouncing off the walls

We went to Senor Frogs 
(over priced EVERYTHING)

We got to try their food. 
Banana Chip nachos 

Coconut Water from real coconuts

The weather was crappy
The people were nice

Would we go back? It is NOT on the top of my list to go back too. 
I hear there are much better parts of the town to see but first impressions left an impact. 

It truly reminded me of a run down San Diego. 
We boarded the ship again & hung out since FINALLY our wall between the balcony came down

Next we visit St. Marteen 

Have you been to Puerto Rico
How did you like it?

Just in case you missed it
check out what has happened so far on the cruise