Our First Stop: Grand Turk

Just in case you forgot, I almost did too! I went on a Caribbean cruise back in October.
{I know I suck at blogging considering it's been almost 2 months since I was there} 

After I spent that day at sea I was glad to see land again..  Picture OVERLOAD ENGAGED

Welcome to Grand Turk

 Right off the ship 

How we discovered Grand Turk

Hands down the most amazing bar

Loaded landsharks.. 
1 landshark
+ fill the neck of the bottle with Lime tequila = Loaded! 

Landsharks are WAY better than Coronas 

After Margaritaville we wondered down to Jack's Shack that had the BEST dog in the entire world

Yes the water is really this crystal blue & yes that dog is walking on his back legs 

Our ship from Jack Shack's

We drank & played in the water. What better way to spend the day than to relax & enjoy your time in crystal clear blue water & super nice people. 

& than after a full day there we had to board our ship again but I promised to come back to visit! Leave it to me to find the dog on our trip!

I am going back.. Hopefully in 2014 & 30lb lighter! 

Next Stop: Purto Rico 

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  1. what an amazing stop. it looks so beautiful! i love that dress you're wearing! i need a vacation right now...this post makes me jealous. haha