Friday Letters

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up so fast. I feel like weeks are just flying by & I am always starting out these post with a letter to you.. I am just saying!

Dear 2013
You can slow down just a bit after Tuesday. 

Dear Cynthia,
You will be here in 19 days!! I can't wait to party with you. 

Dear Rafiki,
I sorry for neglecting you this week as we only meet on weekends. I have a fun trip planned to my aunts in you this weekend. 

Dear Christmas Shopping,
You have made me SUPER broke. I am not excited for you but I can say I am pretty much done besides stocking stuffers. 

Dear Christmas Wish List,
 I think I want a label maker. I know I sound so lame but no one can afford the $500+ presents I really want such as an iPad mini & the new T5i camera so I will just say label maker. 

Dear School,
We have two days left together until I say SEE YA THE F NEVER AGAIN!! 

Dear Alex,
See above on the letter to Christmas Shopping. I am sorry for making us so broke but hey at least people got some awesome presents including yourself. 

Dear new flooring
I really want you before the new year. I can't wait to rug shop & hopefully redecorate our room. 

Dear cleaning,
I am hoping we meet again in the near near future so I can deep clean this ENTIRE house & get it all straighten out as I have let you go over the last few years and now feel like my "guest" room is a storage room. 

Dear Self,
We will meet the gym again soon. I am sorry for stressing you out so bad lately I know its not good for your hair or health. Hang in there you can do this!

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Thank you for leaving sweet comments on my post this week! If you left me a comment and did not receive a reply most likely you are a no reply blogger (I had a few this week) please change that so we can chit chat.  

Happy Weekend!

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  1. add my name to that ipad list! what do you need a label maker for?!! yayyyyy for school being done!