Stop Three: St. Maarten

How I miss this cruise so very much.. 
I am ready to go back 
[come on October 2014]

The third stop was my 2nd favorite place 
St. Maarten or St. Martin 
{i never figured out why they spell it so many different ways} 

We were lucky enough to be in port with the Oasis of the Sea by Royal Caribbean 
it is HUGE.. I will probably NEVER be on that ship. 
Way too many people - we met a couple that said it holds around 6,000 people & you have be on a list for EVERYTHING. Sounds like a giant headache! 

None the less it was a beautiful Ship

Like every morning of the cruise, we ate breakfast, had a mimosa & off we went. 

Our mission - get to Sunset Bar to watch the planes fly in 

Princess Juliana airport is on the top 10 most dangerous airports to fly into 

It's true. People can stand on the beach while the plane flys just above your heads to land. 
True Story: When I first saw deadliest airports a LONG time ago on the Discovery channel , I told myself I wanted to come here to experience it & I now can cross this off my bucket list. 

When flights take off they call it riding the fence. 

After we experienced the bar - it was shopping time! 

Being as I am half Guyanese and St. Marteen is half Trinidad/Guyanese people I felt like I fit right in. 
The curry at Barefoot Restaurant is truly homemade. 
It hit the spot without my mom having to make it. I was in heaven! 

Just as the doctor ordered.. It was drinks & in the water we go! Crystal clear blue warm water. 
Not to forget that I bought my bow matching Tiffany earrings tax free to match my necklace Alex got me for my birthday/anniversary!

While my aunt & I played in the water, the boys decided it was time to go drunk segway driving 

 After the fun it was time to head back to our ship

On the water taxi
They even let you drink your beer

As we pulled out of St. Maarten

Love Alex's shirt? He loves it. 

Next Stop: St. Thomas our last stop of the crusie

Have you been to the islands before? 
Favorite part?


  1. Your posts make me want to go on another cruise!!! Josh says he probably won't do another cruise & wants to do an all-inclusive somewhere instead. I just want a vacation!!!! Lol.