So What! Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

So What If

...I took Monday off blogging. I truly had all intentions of making a great post than bam that went right out the window. 

...I sorta threw a post together yesterday. I thought about skipping it all together but than I thought I would say hello. 

...I honestly have no idea what to blog about. Ideas anyone? I love so many blog post but when it comes to my own, I don't know what to write about. I am not a DIYer, I am not a cook, I don't own any fancy camera, truth be told, my life is kinda lame. 

...I am ready for a few weeks off work.

...I kinda got upset when i was told I will have to work the day after Christmas at the preschool

...I am all done Christmas shopping but now I want to shop for myself 

...I am super excited for my sister to come visit. Probably more excited for that than Christmas in itself. 

...I am extremely disappointed in myself for letting myself gain this much weight that my jeans don't fit. I am working on it though. 

...Today is Wednesday & I am ready for Friday! 


Happy Wednesday


  1. my jeans don't fit either :( LET'S CHANGE IT!

  2. my jeans are a little more snug than I'd like but i am changing that too. I get that way too with my blog, and I wrote a post the other day, fully intended to post it but it didn't happen. Merry Christmas & enjoy your sister's visit! - Jessica

  3. Yay for sister visits! And I'm sorry to hear that you have to work after Christmas - aren't most places closed?? Hope you have a great week!