So What Wednesday

Here's to another edition of So What Wednesday

So What If...

...we put our tree up last weekend and have not shut the lights off since 

...I think Eli has way to many gifts & know deep down that he probably won't play with half of them just like last year. It will get lost in the mix of things 

...I am officially done with school so I celebrated by sleeping in until 6:45am 

...I don't take Eli to school super early anymore since I don't have to be any where 

...I am thinking of driving to Starbucks today to go buy this awesome green tumbler 

...I am still in need of stocking stuffers & a few last minute stuff

...I have NO IDEA what to get my dad 

... I spent my $50 giftcard on myself 

...I throw out all my school stuff now that school is officially over for me for good {unless I do a masters}

...I am already planning our cruise for October 2014

...I haven't stepped foot into the gym in almost 3 weeks (I WILL GO BACK)

...in 13 days my baby sister will be here to help me celebrate 

...I am saying So What to a lot of things this week!

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