Friday Letters

Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you. Here is to a weekend of staying in and enjoying family time. I honestly just have cleaning planned. That is after I spend the day shopping so i can finish wrapping Christmas presents. 

Dear School, Thank you for ending. You were starting to become a drag and I dreaded you each Monday. I am so glad I never have to step foot again into a classroom as a student. I passed the class with a B+

Dear Alex, Thank you for the support through school. We can now celebrate this weekend. I love you. ps. Happy 14 month Anniversary

Dear Cynthia, You will be back in Cali in 11 days. I can't wait to see your beautiful smiling face. 

Dear Work, Next friday is the last day for a 2 week break! I can't wait but I do know I have a lot to do before than & praying I get it done in a timely manner

Dear Christmas Wish List, I hope I get some things off you. I know I want alot of things and I know I shouldn't be getting anything as I have a beautiful Rafiki but I do love presents. 

Dear Weightloss, We will meet again now that school stress is over and I can focus on you. Life has been crazy lately & we broke up but we will get back together. 

Dear Bank Account, I am sorry to be spending all of you this Christmas but I promise to rebuild you. 

Dear Friends, Thank you for all the sweet comments on my post. If I did not answer your comment it is most likely because you are set up as a no reply blogger please fix so I can answer future comments. 

Have a fabulous weekend

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  1. Girl you better not be worrying about your weight loss. Number 1, you don't even need to loose any crazy pants. But you have enough going on! Enjoy yourself!!! LOVE YOU~!