Changing My Life One Step at a Time

If you've been reading my blog for a few months you know I have been seeing a nutritionist to get my life in order. I have a mission to lose some weight before my 25th birthday in October. 

When I saw her two weeks ago she gave me some homework to do to help better myself. I thought I would share these stepping stones with all of you to try to help you get in a bikini body shape for the summer too and take the steps to become a life style change.

5 simple steps

1. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day (example: if you weigh 100lbs you would need to drink 50 ounces of water)

*It is best to avoid bottled water due to the chemicals in the plastic. 
*Try to drink cold water as you will burn extra calories because your body will need to warm that water up to 98.6 degrees. 

2. Eat your veggies first 

This seems like a no duh but if you don't think about it, a lot of people by nature will go towards the carbs or even the meat first. 

3. Think about chewing your food 20 - 30 times each bite. Also, sit down in a stress free area. 

This means not in front of the tv. Yes I am guilty of this too but I am working on it. We have been trying to have family dinner nights once a week at the dining room table. 

4. Eat one green vegetable at each meal. Yes this includes breakfast too. 

You can eat lots of different green veggies. You can have a green smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch and dinner but remember to eat it first. The idea is to fill up on your veggies before the other items on your plate. 

5. Try a new green vegetable 

Step outside your box and try something new. Go to a new store and look in their department to pick something new. You can research how to cook it, what to eat it with and so on. There are plenty of green veggies out there to try. 

There you have it. The 5 simple steps to a new lifestyle change from my nutritionist to you.Please remember I am not a nutritionist and I am only taking the guidance I am receiving to pass onto you. Please consult a doctor before trying anything drastic. 


Alex Answers The Questions

I am loving that it is already Wednesday of this week and we are almost to the weekend again. Anyone else with me on this? 

Today I am linking up with Kelly and Cheltee for this awesome monthly post. The special treat though is the hubby actually answered these questions and I just made it a fun post. To be honest, guys just don't know how to write blog post! 

1. What first attracted you to your wife?
Her face! and her butt What a typical guy answer right?? 

The night we met 

2. After a long day, what does your wife do to help you relax/remind you she loves you? She listens to me complain about work I guess if I have to listen or shall I say I am there physically while he talks but I am problem thinking of 100000000 other things such as what's for dinner? What I need to do before bed? 

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your wife? I like to watch weird stuff on tv.I think what he means by weight stuff on tv, The ID channel. We love it. 

4. What is something your wife does or doesn't do that you want more of? Say nice things to me I believe he wants more compliments. His love language is words of affirmation. 

5. If you could compare your love story to any book or movie, what would it be and why? "We bought a Zoo" because we live in a zoo with so many animals but life wouldn't be the same without them

6. Where would you go if you could have another honeymoon? Bora Bora He doesn't have to worry about if we had another honeymoon. I already have told myself, I will be going to Bora Bora before I am 30. 

How could you not want to visit this beautiful paradise?

There you have it. The simple answers from a guy when asked to answer questions for the blog. This is why I love him. 

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! 


Memorial Day Weekend Done Right

Wow! What a weekend! It's weekend like this one that reminds me how blessed I truly am. 

Friday: I worked a bit. Cleaned up some and made a grocery list for all these things I had planned to make this weekend. Sister and I were heading to the gym to add another day to my 10 day gym challenge with the hubby. Ever since Thursday - I have managed to PR my 2 miles under 30 minutes each day. Extremely proud of myself. This HIIT workout is really paying off now let's hope the scale starts to reflect. 

Sister did buy me some memorial day flowers. That are in full bloom now and smelling amazing. 

I even manged to make some homemade spicy mustard. Recipe to come

Saturday: We decided to spend the day at home. Sister and I managed to clean out the fridge and freezer in the house.

That night some friends came over, made some healthy buffalo chicken enchiladas, land sharks and we played cards against humanity. 

 Hubby sleeping with his first daughter Liberty. We slept in until 10 am and it felt amazing. I couldn't of asked for a better day to sleep in. After sleeping in, the sister and I managed to get dressed and hit the gym. 

We came home and it was off to get ready to go run some errands. Since Sunday marked day 9 out of my 10 days to get some new shoes we checkout the mall. Sadly there were no shoes I had to have. Anyone recommend any good running shoes? I am really loving this cardio stuff. The shoes I currently have under armour doesn't make them anymore.

Monday: It was just as if it was another week sup I wasn't at the preschool dealing with screaming kiddos and sister made it to the gym with me. 

I PR'd my 2 miles on the treadmill by almost 2 minutes. I really need to get over my fear and just run a mile to see where I am at. My goal is to run a mile under 10 minutes. 

Of course I had to show my American Pride at the gym. Thanks to Blessons Apparel for the awesome tank. First time wearing them to the gym and I can't wait to wear the others now too. Little Miss 'Merica

When we got home after we talked ourselves out of going to the mall. The hubby came in saying we had a visitor. 

Than we did some BBQ and got ready for a short week. 

And just because the hubby likes to take selfies with my camera... 

Happy Tuesday! 


Happy Memorial Day

 2012 engagement -- One of my favorite pictures of us

I wanted to stop in and say Happy Memorial Day from my family to yours! Remember the true reason you have the day off because someone gave their life for you to be able to do exactly what you are doing today. Celebrate all the heroes in our country, the military and non-military. Don't forget about the heroes who are away from their families today fighting for our freedom. Be Thankful! Be Patriotic. Be Proud to be an American! 

A special extra love to my sweet hubby of mine for all he does and all he is going to be doing. I know he loves what he does and he wouldn't trade it for the world. 

"If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen" -- Ronald Reagan 


High Five Friday: Fitness Stuff

 Happy Friday Ya'll! 

I realized my weeks are pretty much the same thing week after week and nobody cares that I work at a preschool with 15-18 screaming 2-3 years each day + work from home. I don't even wear real clothes anymore it seems. Therefore, this week high five is fitness related. Considering that is been my focus. 

Let me just say I have been killing my goal of hitting up the gym 10 times for some new kicks! Monday was back the grind after missing Friday for Dad's birthday and last Wednesday for fireday.

What have I been doing? 30 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. 8% incline 1 minute run on 4.0mph and walk on 2.5mph for 1 minute all throughout the 30 minutes. Lately though I have been upping my 4.0 to 4.3 and I am thinking of upping my rest to 3.0

Monday it was hard but I managed to make it. 
 Tuesday: My babies were spoiled. All they do is sleep. Just wouldn't be a post without them right? 

 My sister joined me in the fun on Tuesday. She's doing great. 

Wednesday:  Let me take a moment to brag about Lorna Jane. I order stuff Tuesday afternoon around 2pm and it was at my house by Wednesday. I ordered 2 pair of leggings and 2 sport bras and because I spent over $250 I got another sport bra for free.

I have not found a single thing I don't like about Lorna Jane. The sport bras are amazing. The girls literally stay in place while running. The leggings aren't see through and they are so comfy I am thinking of replacing some of my jolt leggings with some Lorna Jane ones. Also, she comes out with a seasonal magazine. She puts out great recipes. Just everything about her is amazing. 

Thursday: I did it! I reached 2 miles on the treadmill under 32 minutes while doing HIIT. I was very impressed with myself. I told the hubby I would do it and I kept my word. I am just 3 days away from my new kicks. 

I forgot to take a picture in the gym..but this was in the car after we left.

Today I am working to finish up some things to reach my goals. I will be hitting up the gym to hopefully hit another 2 miles than it will start memorial day weekend. Nothing is planned besides cleaning the house, so we will see what happens. 

Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend! 


Happy Tuesday

Last week was crazy. It threw off our normal weekly stuff. I am happy to announce most of the fire stuff is under control now. We are back to a "normal" week. 

I believe most of the fires are 100% contained as of today if not, they are extremely close to being 100%. I heard on the news this morning they have some suspects in custody. Two of which were going to face a judge this morning. That is all I've heard about that. San Diego is now on the recovery process of this all. 

With that said, Today I am making it a productive day. I have lots of things to get done. I've already made it to the gym and now it's time to get focus! Grind time.  

Please keep the prayers coming though as we begin to rebuild.
Happy Tuesday! 


Just Another Weekend

Call me the most epic failure.. I always forget to take pictures while we're having a good time. 

My weekend went by super fast and I feel like it was longer than normal due to our fires.

Friday: I spent the day working from home. I am trying to focus on my goals and get things done! So far everything is going. That night my dad decided to have his BBQ for his birthday. Let's just say we partied hard for him.
Saturday: We all slept. Met with my nutritionist who is amazing. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.  Than we went to my aunts house for some dinner. 

Sunday: The day of rest. We cleaned the house. Made our weekly trip to costco, added in trader joes and now getting ready for the week. Also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY!!! 

That's all folks, as you can see nothing too exciting happened. Ready for another week. 

Happy Monday!! Back to the gym for another day of HIIT... 7 more days to go than I can get some new shoes! 


What A Week

What a week...

The word interesting wouldn't even describe it correctly with what has been happening in San Diego. 

Monday: It started off like any other week. I got up before the sun, made it to work on time, and even managed to make it to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio. 

The hubby has made a promise to me that if I make it to the gym 10 times in a row I can get new nike freeruns. I have been tracking my food and trying to do HIIT for 30 minutes a day. Follow me on insta to stay caught up. 

Tuesday: It was pretty normal. Just worked and because we got up super early to try to do JM 30 day shred but magically the remote for the dvd player is missing and the cord for the play station control missing..so we decided to go later in the day to the gym.  

Wednesday is when everything changed.

#Firestorm2014 began. One fire broke out in Carlsbad, CA that grew rapidly. Than other fires started to break out that grew out of control also. We took Wednesday off the gym and used it as Fire Day to make sure everyone in our family and friends were safe.  

I am happy to say my family and friends are safe and we didn't lose any structures but I know some family and friends can not say that. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as we begin to rebuild San Diego once all these fires are out. 

The view from my house Wednesday when I got home from work.

Thursday the Cocos fire grew way out of control. They even had to have my preschool I work out evucate yesterday. It was a crazy intense day. We did mange to make it to the gym though to get our cardio in. We watched the fire storm as more fires broke out and they even arrested a few people who are suspects but nothing else was released about them. 

With nothing that crazy happening besides the fires, I ask you all again please keep San Diego in your prayers and thoughts as we begin to move on from these fires. Also, pray they find the person(s) who started these horrible things and they get justice. I personally say we should just light them on fire. 

Happy Friday ya'll! Enjoy your weekend and hold your family close. Life is way too short!! 


We Need Some Prayers

Most of you know I live in San Diego area (North San Diego). Typically it is a very calm place to live. Not much changes, our weather is pretty much the same all year long. Sunny and beautiful! This is why so many people want to live in San Diego, beaches, sun, palm trees and swimsuits. 


Yesterday was a bit different. May 14th once again will go down in history of San Diego. It was a reminder of October 2003 and 2007. Both of which I remember as if it were yesterday. I remember packing up my favorite belongings, packing up the animals and finding a safe place to live for a few days before I was allowed to return home. The sky was dark, the wind was howling and it was hot for days. I remember having so many unanswered questions. Homes being lost and not sure if it was mine or not.  

May 14th was very similar to this. So many little towns are in flames. I am watching San Diego just burn to pieces. Families are watching their entire lives just vanish. So many firefighters are risking their lives to help others. Animals are being released to find a safe place. Schools are being closed across the county. My little world is being shaken to it's core once again. 

San Diego has made history for 10+ fires in one single day burning at once.  

Today our weather is suppose to remain hot and windy. By hot, I mean 100+ degrees at the beaches to inland. The high wind warning was extended through tonight. 

I am asking all of you to say a quick little prayer for all the families affected by this news. It is very devastating watching the news. The last I heard, 30+ home have burned down. We watched one on the news and the owner did not have insurance. This just breaks my heart. My college (Cal State San Marcos) is in threat of burning down (it's finals week). So much is happening and so many families are being evacuated. I pray everyone is safe and healthy. I pray homes are saved and people will be allowed to return with their animals. A big hug goes out to the men and women fighting these fires, working these long hours/shifts, and all the other reinforcement we have been getting from all the surrounding cities and keeping San Diego Safe. 

view from my house

May 14,2014 you will always be remembered. 


Things I Don't Understand

I was browsing through the bloggy world and I saw this post occur on a few other blogs. Thank you to them for giving me the idea for the post.

I don't understand why I feel like I have no time to do anything for myself these days. 

I don't understand why I get stressed over stupid little things when I shouldn't worry - oh wait if I don't stress over it, it won't get done. 

I don't understand why everything has to be my responsibility.  

I don't understand work a lot of the times. Why is there always so much to do?

I don't understand why "friends" just walk out of someone's life without saying another word to them as to why. 

I don't understand selfish people.

I don't understand people who don't like dogs or cats for that matter.

I don't understand people in general.

I don't understand nutrition at all to help me lose weight. Thank you to my nutritionist though, I should get a better grasp on them. 

I don't understand why I have a sudden hate for texting. I really dislike it when I am home. 

I don't understand why I don't sleep anymore

In the end, there is a lot of things I just don't understand.

With that said, just keep swimming 


Life Changing Steps

Tuesday is upon us..

I had this grand plan to post about my April goals and set May goals but to be honest I didn't achieve my April goals. Not even close to what I had set out for myself. 

I am not even disappointed in myself either for failing April goals. I made some big changes. I am setting a new routine for myself and I am using May as my stepping stone. 

With this disclaimer I am setting a few goals for the last few weeks of May to hopefully stick with and implement into my life. 

May Goals

1. Food plan: I bought a new planner (on sale at target) to write down all my food. I am going to research and stalk Liz on her food planning skills.

2. Workout: I am going to focus on 30 minutes of cardio a day + hopefully get in touch with a personal trainer. I want to start weight training 3 days a week. Once again I will be stalking Liz for her tips & ideas. [as you see Liz has some awesome post about getting healthy & setting goals]

3. Work: I want work to be less stressful for me. I am going to try to work harder so it's actually less stress for me instead of screwing around on the computer during work hours. This means I need to step up 4-5 hours on work days to just devote to work. 

4. Water: No more soda. No more anything else besides water and green tea. I might drink an ICE drink every now and than but I am shooting for 100oz a day. 

5. Date with Hubby: I want one date in the next 2 weeks with the hubby. Now that my sister lives with us it is much easier to plan these. I am wanting to see The Fault in Your Stars but I need to finish reading the book first.

There you have it. Some simple yet life changing goals for May. Now off to work on goal #3. 

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!         


Weekend Fun: Nails || Brunch || Mimosas || Shopping

What a weekend! Why do they always go by so fast? As I sit here and write this on a Sunday night before I begin to think what my week will be like, I just know it's going to be crazy. 

Friday: Nothing special. I spent the day at home working. My sister got off work and we decided to head to town to get our nails done. Sadly, the nail shop that was highly recommended for us had a two hour wait so instead we went to dinner and made a Costco trip since they had flojo in right now. 

Saturday: We had teeball snack day. Eli is doing very well in baseball and Monday night is his last night of games thankfully. I love baseball but this season seems to be dragging on. After teeball we decided why not try the nail shop again? We go there and it's another 2 hours wait. The lady was extremely rude, so we walked out. We went to a different nail shop that my aunt goes to & they that took us after 30 min waiting (I give them credit though, it was mother's day weekend & 4 different proms) 
After our nails we went & got Cy's car fixed which was a big problem in Minnesota & was fixed at Discount Tires less than 15 minutes. Than it was home and the headache set in. I went to bed. 

Sunday: We woke up & Alex decided it was a great day to go to brunch. We went to Broken Yolk cafe as a family. 

I did get mimosa's which were extremely yummy!  

After brunch Alex & I went to do errands meanwhile Cy and Eli went to do some mother's day shopping.Once I was home and showed Cy I got a new food planner (hopefully this will help) she wanted one too. So off we went back to target & the mall. I did manage to score some good stuff from Lorna Jane (which not to sound crazy but it puts Lululemon to shame) & a new swimsuit from Victoria secret. I also will be trying their self tan lotion to see how much I truly enjoy it! 
I can't wait to read the Lorna Jane book and read about her story. The cards are homemade by the hubby for Mother's Day and Military Spouse Appreciation day which was Friday. 

What a great weekend & amazing Mother's Day.
This week is going to be a busy one that's for sure. 

How was your weekend?