What A Week

What a week...

The word interesting wouldn't even describe it correctly with what has been happening in San Diego. 

Monday: It started off like any other week. I got up before the sun, made it to work on time, and even managed to make it to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio. 

The hubby has made a promise to me that if I make it to the gym 10 times in a row I can get new nike freeruns. I have been tracking my food and trying to do HIIT for 30 minutes a day. Follow me on insta to stay caught up. 

Tuesday: It was pretty normal. Just worked and because we got up super early to try to do JM 30 day shred but magically the remote for the dvd player is missing and the cord for the play station control missing..so we decided to go later in the day to the gym.  

Wednesday is when everything changed.

#Firestorm2014 began. One fire broke out in Carlsbad, CA that grew rapidly. Than other fires started to break out that grew out of control also. We took Wednesday off the gym and used it as Fire Day to make sure everyone in our family and friends were safe.  

I am happy to say my family and friends are safe and we didn't lose any structures but I know some family and friends can not say that. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as we begin to rebuild San Diego once all these fires are out. 

The view from my house Wednesday when I got home from work.

Thursday the Cocos fire grew way out of control. They even had to have my preschool I work out evucate yesterday. It was a crazy intense day. We did mange to make it to the gym though to get our cardio in. We watched the fire storm as more fires broke out and they even arrested a few people who are suspects but nothing else was released about them. 

With nothing that crazy happening besides the fires, I ask you all again please keep San Diego in your prayers and thoughts as we begin to move on from these fires. Also, pray they find the person(s) who started these horrible things and they get justice. I personally say we should just light them on fire. 

Happy Friday ya'll! Enjoy your weekend and hold your family close. Life is way too short!! 


  1. good for you for being able to make it to the gym! and these fires suck balls. i want it to be over.

  2. So glad you are ok. Hope the fires get under control soon! Good for you for getting to the gym!

  3. Sending so many thoughts and prayers to all of you in San Diego. I live near Lake Arrowhead so I completely understand where you are coming from, hate that California is in a year long fire season due to lack of rain. We sent some mtn boys down to help fight the fires, hopefully they are knocked out soon. <3